I know you got used to this girl. And when I say you got used to it, I do not mean that you got used to it in your life.

No, you just got used to everything she gave you and I do not talk about her body there.

You got used to this girl loves you, without you like it back as you should. You got used to it being always there for you, to have its support and loyalty, whatever happens.

You always knew that this girl was someone you could count on, even when everyone was turning their backs on you.

You knew she was the only one to support you, whatever you do, the only one to honor your successes and the only one to share your pain.

She was the only girl who could not be happy if you were sad and always trying to make you smile.

You knew she was the only person in the world who loved you unconditionally, even when you did not deserve it.

The only one who believed in you, even when no one else did it, and even when you yourself had stopped believing it.

But instead of appreciating all that, you used it. You used her love and the fact that she was naïve and sensitive.

You knew very well that you were her weak point and that you were the only person in the world to whom she could not say no and you served her well.

You gave her only crumbs of your love and attention, just enough to keep her close to you.

It was the first person you called when you were in trouble, when you needed a shoulder to cry, when you needed advice or guidance or just when you needed to talk to someone.

And you got used to it always being there, so over time you started to take it for granted, assuming you did not have to make any effort in the relationship, that you did not did not have to give her any love or appreciation and she would be by your side, despite your behavior.

Well, guess what? She will not be. There will come the moment when this girl will see you for what you really are, an egocentric and selfish asshole.

There will come the moment when this girl will stop seeing you as a vulnerable and lost boy who needs his hand to keep his life. She will see your true colors and she will have enough.

And at the same time, she will see herself as she really is. She will finally see its value and she will realize that you do not deserve her time, her patience, her efforts or her energy.

She will finally realize that you do not deserve the love she gave you and that you do not deserve it.

And that’s where she’ll get away from you. That’s when it will be too late to do anything because she will get tired of you and the way you treated her.

And that’s where you’ll realize what you did and what you lost. But you can not do anything about it. Because when she has realized all this, she will never be able to see you again in the same way.

So please, do something before it’s too late. Because she will not wait forever for you to come to your senses.

She will not wait for you to start appreciating her, as well as all her efforts and sacrifices. She will not wait until you start loving her and treating her as she deserves.

I know you’re sure she will, but trust me, this girl will not spoil her whole life with a guy who never gives him anything in return.

Please, recover before it’s too late. Basically, you know very well that this is the kind of woman you only meet once in a lifetime.

You know very well that no one will ever love you like her, and you know very well that no one will ever treat you like she does.

Do not wait another second to change your behavior. Because you will spend the rest of your life regretting your choice if you do not do it right now.

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