Have you ever experienced one of those moments when you felt like you finally made peace with your past and suddenly a song comes to remind you of it? Those moments when you thought you had finally let go, what keeps you from being happy, then it suddenly hits you again? These moments when you finally realize that you do not need it because you have fun with your friends, but when it’s time to leave, you suddenly feel empty because you’re alone again and you’re starting to miss, like you were before things got mixed up? Or did you ever think that it’s the memories that you miss and not this person?

If so, then do not worry. You’re not alone.

You miss him, but you do not want him back because you do not want to be with someone who is unsure if he wants to be with you or not.

You do not want to be with someone who is not sure if he wants to be with you or not. You do not want to be with someone who just wants to be with you because he’s bored and needs someone to pass the time. You miss him, but you need someone to persecute you and give you a reason to stay. You need someone to assure you that he will be with you no matter what the future brings. You need someone who loves you and makes you special at all times, not just when he feels like it.


It is possible to miss someone, but not want him to come back, especially when your life is so much better – free from stress and disappointment.

I guess it’s true what you say that our mind forgets, but the heart does not. There is nothing wrong with that. Healing is a process, it does not happen in an instant. Do not blame if you miss your ex-lover because you think that means you’re the loser, but hey, it’s not you. You can not stop your heart from missing someone who used to mean so much to you. But I want to tell you, no matter what, do not go back to the person who has shattered your heart into millions of little pieces. If he is right for you, he will never hurt or leave you.

It’s okay to miss him, but not to want to go back, because you’re human and your feelings are reasonable. But sooner or later you will not feel any more of him.

Feel the sense of missing him until you do not feel anything.

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