It’s Not Her That’s Demanding, It’s You That Make Too Little Effort

The last time I checked, having standards does not mean that you are too demanding, but simply that you know what you want.

When a woman sets the bar a little high, it does not make her an impossible mission, but it means that it will take just a little more effort than usual.

That’s why it’s always easier to find excuses than to improve your game.

This is the kind of woman who does not depend on anyone.

Because she knows that relying on someone in life, it means to be alone when that person decides to move away.

That’s why she takes care of her and she likes to have fun. She does not need you to do it for her.

She is perfectly capable of doing it alone.

She knows what she’s worth.

She feels good about herself and she is not afraid to show it. That said, she is like that only because she worked hard on herself.

She is aware of all that she brings to the table and she always keeps in mind that she is more than enough.

And there is nothing more precious in the world than a woman who knows her value.

She knows what she wants from life. And she also knows how to achieve it. He is a person who constantly pushes his limits and is just trying harder.

She continues to work on herself. She takes care of her appearance and her spirit.

She knows what she deserves.

And she is content with nothing less. That’s why it can seem like a lot of work for some people.

But she only asks in return how much she is willing to give herself, nothing more.

If you can not meet your expectations or convince her, it may not be that she has set high standards, but your efforts are too weak?

You have no right to disrespect him.

She does not let people mistreat her and she never allows others to project their insecurities on her.

She is a woman of great value and she always walks with her head held high.

That’s why she will never support someone who will try to belittle her to boost her ego or with someone she will not respect.

You do not have the right to treat it properly only when you want.

She wants you to constantly strive and she deserves someone who will treat her properly on all occasions.

She deserves someone who will treat her well even when she makes a mistake.

She deserves someone who will constantly try to prove her love, admiration and commitment to her.

You can not be mediocre.

With her, it’s all or nothing. Why do things halfway? Either do them correctly, or we do not do them at all.

So do not try to get into your life if you do things halfway.

She is aiming high and she will not stop until she gets there. This is also what she expects from her companion.

With a woman who aims high in life and is not content with less than what she deserves, we can not really believe we can have it while remaining just mediocre.

If she stands out, you will have to do something to make you stand out too, so that she can notice you.

But if you give up because “it’s too much work”, do not accuse him of being too demanding.

It is you who are not doing enough and that is where the problem lies.

If you want a great woman in your life, you can not be with her by lowering her standards, but on the contrary, by improving your game and making sure you are at the same level.

No more excuses, get to work. That’s how it works with her.

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