When we talk about breaking up and ending a relationship, we always focus on the person left behind. 

Everyone is always concerned about what this person feels and their emotional pain, assuming that leaving is a pleasure.

Everyone assumes that leaving someone and breaking the relationship is the easiest thing that can be done. 

Everyone assumes that the person who has taken this step has no emotions and no pain. Otherwise, they would not put an end to things, would they?

But the situation is completely different if you move away from someone for whom you still have strong feelings. 

It’s completely different when you leave someone you still love, but you just know it’s the only option you have and the only choice you can make if you want to save yourself obviously has no future for you with this person.

Because sometimes, love is not enough.

Sometimes you love your partner to the bone, but you know it’s time to start loving yourself more.

Sometimes you are very aware of the intensity of the emotions you feel for someone, but you simply have to choose yourself instead of that person. 

And the only way to do that is to get away from that person who makes your life more difficult, despite all the love that can exist between you two.

There comes a time when you feel like you are losing your mind because of someone. You see that you lose control of yourself because of this person.

And most importantly, you see that you will lose yourself if you stay with this person.

You see that this relationship brings you more harm than good. You see that you feel unhappy and bad in your skin and you have noticed that you have spent more time sad than happy with this person.

And it’s not like you’ve never tried to fight for this relationship, because you really did. 

You’ve done a lot of work to make things work between the two of you, but it’s become clear that some people are just not compatible and others just can not work together, no matter how much they want .

You have realized that some people and relationships are just not made to exist no matter how much you try.

After much thought, you came to the conclusion that you just had to leave this poisonous and harmful relationship before it completely destroyed your mental and physical health.

And when you finally did it, guilt came up.

You were constantly wondering if you could have done anything to save your relationship and if you had given up too easily.

You wondered if there was anything else you could have done for this man and you felt guilty for being the one who was leaving. You feel guilty for leaving this man and for not fighting for him anymore.

You thought yourself weak and selfish.

You just could not bear being in this relationship anymore and that made you think you were not strong enough to deal with all the problems. 

You feel defeated and as if you can not win the most important battle of your life.

You chose yourself instead of the person you loved and for the first time ever, you thought about your own needs and your own good, and guilt consumed you for doing something like that, although this is the only reasonable thing to do.

Let me tell you one thing: you are anything but weak.

Because leaving someone we love is the bravest thing we can do.

This means that you were strong enough to ignore your feelings, despite their intensity.

That means you were strong enough not to listen to your heart, because you knew it would not do you any good.

This means that you were strong enough to choose what suited you in the long run, even if you knew that you would be heartbroken because of this decision. This means that you have been strong enough to find yourself heartbroken, for the good of everyone.

That means you were mature enough to do the only thing you had to do if you wanted to save yourself.

And that’s why you should be proud of yourself.

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