As you know, the consultation of the tarologist, especially regarding fortune-telling about relationships, advice in the field of extrasensory perception , various oracle predictions , etc., is mainly in demand among women. And, of course, the most important question in 90 out of 100 cases is concern about personal life, but what, in fact, can be more important? Therefore, the main part of my work in Astro7 is occupied by fortune-telling on Tarot cards for relationships ,and I am convinced that the main party in the partnership is always a woman. A man can be strong, smart, and vice versa – but in partnerships, he almost always acts as a woman wants, or as a woman thinks. Well, what do you, dear, want? What kind of love do you really need?

Why did I say specifically about thoughts? Because all our thought forms are our reality, no matter what we do, whatever we strive for or receive in reality, this is all a reflection of our thoughts.

Well, what is a thought? This is our inner mood. In fact, wherever we go, no matter what happens to us, this is our attitude (not to be confused with mood – it can change quite quickly), but sometimes the mood takes root for years. In partnerships, everything remains the same. Inside each woman there is an image, model, standard, what will be her union. But with beautiful dreams and good wishes, this model has nothing to do. What experiences are you internally inclined to? What do you subconsciously expect from a relationship? You will choose exactly such a partner for yourself, create just such a situation, such will be your joys and family conflicts! Tarot cards capture this hidden information of the subtle plan and reflect it.

We are now living in an era when no one is forcing anyone to anything. All that surrounds us is our own choice. If you yourself did not want and did not wait for such experiences, if you were not internally tuned in to them, then your soulmate would simply disappear from your life, or even from the very beginning would not come close to you at the distance of a cannon shot. And all this happens because we attract into our lives those people who can give us those experiences and emotions that we need. And this rule remains unchanged always.

This mechanism works quite simply: in early childhood we get used to a certain type of experience, and they become normal for us – this is the model of relationships, regardless of whether we like it or not. Over time, these experiences are a little transformed, and all, voila! The internal mood is ready. If it suddenly happens that there are no such familiar experiences, then we feel that something is not right and begin to develop a double dose of emotions and thoughts so that everything falls into place – and here it is, the psychology of family relations, saturated with feelings that we so lacked.

Based on the foregoing, during a fortune-telling on the Tarot, I very often advise my clients to look inside themselves and ask: so what habitual experiences did you miss? What relationship style have you set up your partner? What emotions did you emit? Is your partner waiting for this?

Answering these questions, you need to understand that if you dreamed that in response to your anxiety, discontent, irritation, he will begin to show a wise, patient understanding, bring you affection and reassurance, you are deeply mistaken. If you are discouraged – it will be dull too. If you constantly “hiss” and your tone is offended during the conversation, you will get rude in return. If you “stop the horse for the ride” and generally behave like a commander – what remains to him? His behavior is always only a reaction to your inner mood. “I bet, like a fish on the ice, I spin my best, and he …” . What experiences you were internally tuned to, then got in real life.

Then the next stage begins. Women begin to torment themselves with a search: what was I to blame for, what I did wrong – but in reality this is not a solution at all. It’s not what you are doing wrong. The fact is that you have it inside.

I am always silent and just sympathize when a girl marries a drinking guy, a lazy boy or a sissy. At the same time, each says that she will be able to re-educate him, that he simply needs to be torn out of his surroundings. But this is all self-deception – in fact, she unconsciously picked up an object for herself to suffer, because she’s so used to it, this is the norm for her, this is her inner mood – “I want pain!”. But what can you do – she’s been brought up in such a way and, do not have this pain, she will think that “this is impossible, it should not be, this does not happen”.

The following example: when a girl thinks that as soon as she marries him, he will immediately change, will not be a rude egoist, as now. But, again, all this was in her life before, these are all those “normal emotions” that she always felt, and now she needs them. So nonsense, in fact, is not in this.

Another category of women is those who constantly feel miserable, who are most familiar with the role of the victim, the sufferer. There are vice versa – fighters, leaders who take on the role of a man. What can I say – the choice of a model of behavior is enormous, but the point is always that a woman herself behaves the way she wants to behave towards her. And only by this single principle is a partner selected. Now your partner has several options for the development of events. The first one – it takes your style of relationship, the second – the relationship between you ends. But in the first option, and in the second you dictate the rules, regardless of his character, desires, etc. If development went according to the second option, he left – naturally, he will meet another over time. Upon learning of his relationships with another woman, namely, what kind of relationship, you come in shock – how has he changed, how does he behave with her? But there is nothing mystical here, it’s just tuned in to other experiences and other emotions. Now look at yourself, at him and at “her,” and you will understand that what you are like him and how she is like him. So, the conclusion is simple and understandable – only a woman decides what her love should be, and she deserves the love for which she is ready.


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