A shy man is hard to see through. But with these tricks, you can find out what he really feels for you

This is how you can tell if there is a chance for you

Shy men are often the more pleasant contemporaries. Because while their peers often draw attention to themselves with less restraint in female society and with a lot of fanfare, shy men tend to behave more calmly. That in itself is an advantage. When it comes to the question of what this man might or might not want about a woman, however, shyness doesn’t make things easier.

This is how you can tell if he’s just shy or not interested in you.

1. Pay close attention to his behavior

If you want to know if he likes you, you should watch his behavior very closely: does he sometimes redden when he talks to you? Does he stutter now and then or do little mishaps happen to him when you are around? Is he trying to spend as much time around you as possible? Does he get in touch regularly – and does he do it by himself? These are all pretty obvious signs that he feels more for you. Be sure to also observe his behavior with you alone compared to what he shows when he speaks to other people. If it is very different from how you behaved, chances are that he will feel more about you.

By the way, science says: This is how he falls in love faster.

2. Ask him out on a date

His reaction to your question about meeting for two can give you valuable clues as to whether more than friendship could arise with him. If he shows joy immediately and agrees, there is almost no longer any doubt that he is into you. On the other hand, if the question seems uncomfortable to him or if he puts forward reasons why he cannot, you can assume that togetherness with you is going too far for him. Even if he first agrees, but then doesn’t propose a specific date, maybe you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

3. Ask his friends

If you have a group of friends, it is often particularly easy to find out about your feelings. Just ask the people you both know what they think: is he just shy or doesn’t he fancy you? You may even be lucky enough to have a mutual friend who shared his feelings about you.

4. Ask him

Of course, the most adult thing is to simply ask him if he has a crush on you. But that can also be the trickiest. Because in this way you run the risk that he says no and the two of you then stand next to each other in uncomfortable silence and later no one knows how to behave towards the other. Nonetheless, you have immediate certainty. Finally, it is also possible for him to say yes.


Is he just shy or is he not interested?

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