In this month of 2020 you will fall in love. According to your star sign.



This month you will fall in love with your zodiac sign in 2020

Would you like to know what the stars have in store for you in the new year? What about your love affairs? Are you going to fall in love again in 2020? 

Take a look at the stars and find out how you are. I promise you that it will pay off. Your horoscope can tell you which months will give you a lot of luck in terms of love next year. 


The topic of falling in love with you is such a thing in the new year. Because it will be more friendly with you. Especially in the months of January and March you will approach somebody.

But in the end, that will not be more than a friendship. Another person will make you laugh in December and cast a spell over you. You will have a lot of fun with this person and it could actually develop more out of it.


You will change your mind very often next year. This also applies to your opinion about the male world. In the months of August and September you will be particularly confused. This can lead to an encounter with a special person.

This person will challenge and irritate you. The potential is definitely there to fall in love. However, this somebody should also be able to deal with your strong-willed personality. Otherwise, there is no future for you.


In the next year you will undergo some changes. You will not only meet many new people, but also meet a new love. This person could be a potential long term partner.

You should not hesitate, especially in March. You’ll see that your gut does not let you down. In September it will spark right between you again!


We all know that you are completely happy without a partner, dear Krebs. However, you will fall in love next year. In October, you will meet someone whom you will take a close look at for the time being. But by December at the latest, he’ll like you so much that you’ll fall head over heels in love with him.


Dear Lion, your flirting chances next year are very good! Especially in January and November it will crackle in your love life. You will have one date after another and meet a lot of people with potential for a long-term history.

Of an encounter, however, you will be completely blown away. But in October you should be extra careful, because there could be little love crises here.


In April and May you can come to a lucky encounter, from which something solid could develop. But you have to make sure that you open your heart to that person and get involved in the whole thing.

Especially in June you should drop off your pink glasses and take a close look at your partner. It could be that you are fooling yourself into someone close to you.


Uranus will give you a lot of support in 2020 – and also in love. Every month it could spark with you. November, however, is particularly hot. If you are single, you will find your love at the latest. Take care, dear Libra! You will not regret it!


We all know our scorpion like that. He flirts here and there but seldom will he develop great feelings for someone. He prefers to think of himself. However, that could change in 2020.

If your zodiac sign is Scorpio, you might fall in love with a loved one in February or April. It could be a friend or colleague. If you are not ready for a strong bond, this will amount to an on-off relationship.


The shooter wants to remain independent despite binding and continue to experience his adventures. Unfortunately, this is not always a good combination. It is difficult to combine a long-term relationship with an adventurous life.

However, in April or May 2020 you will meet someone with whom it would fit very well. By November at the latest you will be sure if this person suits you or not.


The Capricorn does not want to tie down yet. Therefore, in April he will shoot a new acquaintance in the wind. The single life will be short-lived. Because at the latest in May you will fall in love again, dear Capricorn. This time, the whole thing has long-term potential. You just have to be open!


Next year, it’s more about flirting and having fun, dear Aquarius. Real infatuation can not really be talked about. You may experience a holiday swarming or a slight crush here and there, but all these acquaintances have no potential for a strong bond. If it does spark, then this is most likely to happen in January or June. And it will be someone you already know.


You’ll fall in love pretty quickly in the new year, dear fish. However, it is not clear yet, if you both come together too. In June you will flirt a lot. However, you will not get a chance to fall in love until December. It is important that you do not rush in the year 2020. That could be your fate!

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