After attending so many lost causes, I really began to believe that something was wrong with me.

Was it my appearance, my way of speaking, or my sense of humor a little weird?

How can a person have so much bad luck when it comes to men?

The only thing in common with all these failures is me!

That was the conclusion I drew after my last crappy relationship.

And now, I can honestly say that I’m done with it.

I endured much less than I should because I did not believe that one man could meet all my needs (perfectly reasonable).

But you know what ? Not any man can do it.

But a real man can!

And as rare as it may seem nowadays, I’m sure there is somewhere a man who will not find my needs too demanding.

A man who will be happy to provide me with everything I need (emotionally) and who will not complain about me being bossy.

A man who will not run away when it becomes difficult and who will be there in real – and not just by texting.

For now, no luck at this level.

And that’s why I chose to be single.

And I’m ok with that.

I do not need a man who will only make me half happy.

I do not need a man who needs me for me to take care of him.

A relationship goes both ways and I’m done taking the role of mother for immature boys who can not take care of themselves, much less a woman.

Until I find a man who can give me those things that every woman should receive from her companion, I choose to stay a happy single.

I want a man who believes in open communication

Honestly, it’s not too much to ask.

And since when has the conversation gone out of fashion?

Sigh … I really need a man who communicates with me about good things AND bad ones.

It’s easy to have a conversation when all is well.

I need a man who will react on my boredom instead of sulking in silence and blaming me later.

It’s so childish! Be a man and tell me what’s wrong.

Tell me if you have a problem with something that I did and show me that you care about being ready to work on us!

I want a man who takes responsibility for his actions

I do not want to play the game of “blame”. I do not want to have to wonder if I’ll hear a bunch of lame excuses when you do something wrong.

It’s not the end of the world, so tell me and confess your bullshit!

I will love you twice more if you can be a man and admit your mistakes.

I would appreciate it more if you could tell me that you are sorry in the face and really think it!

Being honest when it’s hard, that’s what relationships are made of. Take responsibility for your actions and we will have no problem!

I want a trustworthy and loyal man

Be my haven of peace. Be my rock when I have no one to turn to. Never take my confidence for granted.

Do not make me regret being open to you. It’s not easy for me, you know?

If you tell me you’re going to do something, do it. If you promise me that you will pick me up for our appointment, do it.

Do not make me believe that I can not trust you. The only person I can trust in my life is you! And that’s what I do. So do not make me doubt your loyalty.

If I realize that I can trust you, our relationship will flourish. I promise you that I will be the same with you.

Give me a favor and we can be this couple to whom everyone aspires!

I want an empathic and compassionate man

I really need you to understand when I’m going through something and you know how to be there for me.

I need a man who can hold my hand even when I think I do not need it (hint: it is always so!).

If something painful happens to me, I need you to be there every step of the way. Not because you feel you have to do it, but because you want it.

I need you to love me enough to be sad when I’m sad.

When we love someone, his happiness is our happiness and his sadness is our sadness. And that’s what I want more than anything.

You feel really broken when I suffer. My heart breaks when someone I love goes through a difficult time.

Is it really too much to ask a man?

I want an emotionally mature and understanding man

Emotional maturity is a feature I have never encountered in a man. So I can only dream of finding one like that. But I take this as a good sign.

All the boys I used to go out with were immature and now I know what to look for!

And when I find it, I will know that I have found a real man. A man who does not get angry irrationally if I want to go out with my friends.

A man who will not make a crisis if he sees me talking to a friend.

A man who supports me and who trusts me. A man who knows that my heart beats for him and no one else.

Someone who is mature enough to never let stupid jealousy ruin what we have. And this man exists somewhere over there.

I know it. And I will stay single until I meet someone who will be exactly like that.

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