I’m learning not to run after love anymore

It was the fruit of a long process, but I finally understood that I had to stop running after those who don’t deserve me. I realized that I had to think of myself first.

I’m learning little by little not to forget myself.


Because it is true that when someone pleases us, we tend to become someone else, to lose our minds and in fact, to forget ourselves.

We only think of one thing: to please the other and to attract his attention.

And to do this, we transform. We do things that are not like us.

But do you really have to become someone you are not to seduce a man?

No, if the attraction is mutual, the man in question will want to find out who you really are and not who you pretend to be to charm him.

And in my experience, when we play that game, we often end up settling for something that doesn’t suit us and certainly doesn’t live up to our expectations.

We settle for less than we deserve .

In this desperate enterprise of seduction, we very quickly find ourselves thinking only of the other.

Thinking only of the things you can do to win your heart. Our universe only revolves around that.

We find ourselves having to beg for a moment together. To beg for a little attention and in fact, one forgets one’s own goals and one’s own life.

We question ourselves. We constantly wonder what the other thinks of us.

We agonize over details or things that live only in our imagination.

We start to expect the worst, to live in fear that he will leave us, etc.

We ask ourselves: “Does he really love me? or “will he ever leave me?” “.

And this is where our brain becomes our worst enemy.


By dint of questioning yourself, you feel like you have no value. We convince ourselves that we are not worthy of being loved, that we are not good enough, etc.

In short, it is a vicious and unhealthy circle.

But now, by dint of reflection and suffering, I understood one thing. I can only count on myself. My only strength comes from myself.

I also understood that seeking the love of others to fill a void in oneself is useless. It is work that you have to do yourself, on yourself.

In fact, before loving someone, you have to love yourself.


I laughed for a long time in the face of people who gave me this ready-made phrase.

Yet it is a beautiful truth. To make someone happy, you must first be happy and fulfilled yourself.

You have to focus on your life and make it beautiful, rather than relying on someone else to do it for you.

Over the years, I have learned to accept myself. It’s necessary so that a man (and others in general) can accept you for who you are .

I realized what I was worth and I am now able to enjoy life, without needing anyone else’s approval.

I try to focus on myself and the people I love, my family, my friends, etc.

I hope to meet someone, maybe the man of my life.

But I believe it will happen when I am ready, when the time is right. I no longer run after love, because I believe that it is he who will know how to find me.

In fact, I don’t want to be stuck in toxic relationships anymore.

I don’t want to have to fix broken people anymore, hoping that they might one day love me. I realized it didn’t work that way.

I understood that love cannot be forced. If after spending time with someone, they don’t develop feelings for me, there never will be.

Yeah, maybe we can pretend for a little while. And so what ?

But beware, I’m not blaming anyone. I’ve been there and learned my lesson.

I suffered and that is why, today, I am beginning to understand life and love differently, more serenely too.

I don’t waste time anymore, neither with liars, nor with infidels, nor with people who don’t deserve me.


No, I’m waiting for the one with whom everything will happen naturally. The one who will have, just as much as me, the desire to advance our relationship and pamper it.

We will make efforts, together. We will compromise. For our couple and not for any personal interest.

I’m waiting for someone who won’t just think of him, but who will also think of me and us.

Because I will be wonderful in his eyes, as he will be in mine. I will be his priority, as he will be mine.

I also realized that it’s better to be single than to commit your heart to someone who doesn’t suit me .

Of course, being single isn’t always fun.


I always dream of meeting the man of my life. I am sometimes impatient and in a hurry.

But I reason with myself and tell myself that this day will eventually come.

I tell myself that one day, soon, I will be able to love unconditionally and give my heart without fear to someone who will be able to offer me the reciprocal.

I dream every night of someone who hugs me, comforts me and accompanies me in good times, as in bad.

But I believe that fate will do its job and put the right person in my path, when the time is right.

But until I meet this man, I’ll be alone and that’s fine.

I will follow my instincts and never again involve myself with a man who makes no effort to keep me.

I will not lower my expectations to satisfy a man who is unable to take care of me and love me as I deserve.

Even though I’m going through a difficult time, I have faith in life. I have hope and above all, I believe in myself. I am surrounded by my family and my friends and I do my best to evolve and be a good person.

I’m slowly learning not to run after illusory loves anymore.

I'm learning not to run after love anymore

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