Yes, she loves you. She loves you like no one will ever love you, but she will never beg you.

She will never beg for your attention, your beautiful words and your gestures because if they do not come from the bottom of your heart, she does not even want it and does not need it.

She will never plead for love. So, if you’re not crazy about her as she is with you, do her a favor and leave her alone!

She is tired of mediocre love and selfish words. She’s tired of waiting. She is tired of being manipulated.

So, if your intentions are not pure, do not even bother to approach him! Do not even bother selling her your poisoned love because if she does, she’ll know it.

There is one thing you must understand about it. When she loves, she loves unconditionally.

She gives herself so that her beloved feels special, and that is why she does not believe in excuses.

And if you’re not ready to make an effort to win it, please leave it alone.

She is tired of false words and good words. I really beg you, roll up your sleeves and prove it to him!

Do not expect her to fall madly out of you because she will not do it. Be a man, and win as real men do!

Win it as if you really think it. Make her feel special by taking your word, taking care of her and being crazy about her.

And if you’re not ready to do it, do not chase it! If you are not ready to love her as she loves you, leave her alone.

Do not let her wait just because you know she will. Do not treat her as an option when you know that for her, you are a priority. 

If you’re not ready to move your ass and be a man of your word, then leave her alone, and do not waste her time!

If you are not ready for an engagement, do not torture her.

If you are not ready to keep your promises, do not bother to keep them.

If you’re not ready to be there when she needs you, do not bother to stay.

She is no longer the same girl as before. She got tired of love and love, so if you’re not ready to give her back, go away.

Know that it is no longer the same girl who sat next to her phone and was waiting all day long to be called.

She is no longer the same girl who believed everything that was said to her. She has promised herself that she will never fight for the wrong man again.

She will never give her heart to someone who is not ready to receive it. And if you’re not ready to accept it, leave it alone!

If you really love him, show him through your act!

If you really care about her, do not make her wait!

If you really want to be with her, do not force her to question her decisions!

And if it does not, do not bother doing anything! Do not think it’s the same naive girl who will believe everything that is said to her.

She is not. She knows what she wants, and she knows exactly what she is giving.

The only difference is that this time she will not sacrifice her own happiness for the good of others.

She will not feed anyone any more of her pure love for return, to receive the one that is toxic. She will not be blind and madly in love with someone who is not ready for that.

And if you are made for it, you will understand it. If you are really ready to love it as it deserves, you will act accordingly.

But if you are not, please help her and stay away from her!

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