If you would stop writing to him, you would realize that he is NOT REALLY interested in you

He sends you messages late at night. Pictures of him drinking at the bar. He likes your selfies if you show enough cleavage.

You’re pretty sure he likes you – but only because of the way he behaves on the phone. Because he often looks at your stories. Because it leaves so many likes on your Instagram. Because of the flirtatious texts, he sends, including heart-shaped emojis.

He only shows you on the phone that he is interested in you. That is the only way he tries.

He may tell you that he misses you and wants to see you as soon as possible, but he never makes specific plans to meet you in person in a restaurant or in his apartment. He may stay up until two in the morning and send you messages, but you hardly said two words in person because you rarely see each other personally.

Writing messages is the greatest effort he is willing to invest in your relationship.

He never makes plans. He never comes to your home unexpectedly. He doesn’t even sit near you, playing with your hair or holding your hand – because the whole relationship is just news.

Without his phone, he’d be a stranger to you. Without his phone, it would be as if he didn’t exist.

It may seem like he is trying hard to send the first message or only answer after 2 minutes, but it is not enough to just try on the phone. He should also make an effort personally.

Otherwise, he cares about you, but he doesn’t care enough to make you his girlfriend.

Stop waiting for this relationship to advance to the next level. Because if you have been writing back and forth for a while and nothing has changed, then it will probably never happen.

Think how long you’ve been in this situation. How long have you been waiting for him to invite you to an official appointment? How long have you been hoping that he will feel just like you?

If he really cared about you, you wouldn’t have to wait that long.

He would take the chance and ask you for a date. He wouldn’t be content to write to you from bed. He would want you to be in bed with him so that he can whisper the words he writes to you.

If you stopped writing to him tomorrow, you’d find that he didn’t care. You would realize that he only communicates with you because it is practical. Because it’s not difficult to take the phone and type a few words.

It is much more difficult to make plans to see yourself personally. Make and keep promises. To decide that someone is worth the time it takes to drive to their house and pick them up.

If he is unwilling to get his butt up and see you in person, and if he is at most willing to write to you, then you deserve something else. You deserve something better.


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