If you were born on March 29, you have many reasons to celebrate and shout to the four winds that you are a great Aries. Your personality has ups and downs, but you set yourself apart from the rest by being brave, attentive, and diplomatic. Adventure is in your heart, so you were born to break the fears that many flee from. When you make the decision to make your heart beat, you don’t doubt it twice, you were born to have all the light in the world.

Those of March 29 can be stubborn and competitive , but although many people do not see it with good eyes, it is what has led you to look up when everything goes wrong. You focus on your goals and no one makes you change your mind. You are not one of those who let themselves be pointed out by third parties, long ago you learned to turn the page and not take personal everything they tell you.

You like to be recognized because each of your triumphs has cost you tears, fears, despair and, like many, you have wanted to throw in the towel. It is not selfishness, it is not that you feel superior, it is that each of your efforts is worth recognizing. What you love is having everything in order, following a plan is one of your favorite things, although improvisation from time to time is not bad.

You are one of the people who has no problem arguing when necessary, you don’t allow anyone to humiliate you and you can’t stand those who go around with the intention of making people feel bad. Caution is what keeps you grounded, you don’t lose your ground and analyzing your decisions has helped you avoid making mistakes.

Yes, maybe patience is not your thing, because you like to live on the edge, you don’t like it when you feel like you are not doing something productive. This is thanks to your astrological symbol that does not let you go, the ram, which bathes you in that unstoppable energy, the one that has an ingenious side and that has made you all-terrain when it comes to fulfilling your dreams.

Your expectations are high, you are no longer to settle for crumbs. Hence your element, fire, confirms it. You have a face of power and strength, but also the warmth in each of your steps. Mars is on your side, it is the one that gives you courage, the one that reminds you that even after the tears it is worth continuing.

If you were born on March 29 , your lucky numbers are 4, 5, 12, 16 and 21. You have surely lived unforgettable moments related to those figures. On the other hand, those born on this day have a peculiar way of loving, they are intense, adventurous and like to test their senses under the warmth of the sheets. They are the people who pay attention to every detail and when they fall in love they do not hesitate to take the step towards commitment.

Your heart is not for everyone, you like to love like this, without gray and with the soul. You may be attracted to other Fire signs, such as Leo and Sagittarius. Well, when their temperaments meet, passion is present and it is an attraction that they cannot control. It is possible that sometimes jealousy gets a little out of control, because you like reciprocal relationships and you cannot stand infidelity.

Those born on March 29 give their heart completely , they are always there when things get bad, they are not the ones who reject, they like to fight for what they love and help their partner show their best version. Understanding and solidarity are other of its qualities.

The color red represents you, a tone that honors power, passion and being a warrior in life. You are a cluster of emotions, your temperament can make several tremble. Also scarlet and carmine can fill you with the peculiar seduction with which you face life. You are born on March 29, you are the person who was born to change many lives, do not let anyone make you feel otherwise.


If You Were Born On March 29th

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