If you plan to leave my life, please stay as far away as possible. I will not plead with you and I will acknowledge and respect your decision. You probably thought about it for a long time and in the end you made the right decision. So, do not think I’ll do a scene in front of you or that I’ll tell you that I’ll kill myself if you leave. I’m just going to be a little smashed and broken, but I’ll be able to get myself up and start over.

I know it will not be easy and I know that I will spend many sleepless nights thinking about you, but one day it will pay off.

Every tear that falls down will pay off and I will finally be happy.


But with all the chaos we are going through right now, I want one thing to be clear: once you leave me, you can not get a second chance. I will not be there to tell you that we can start afresh and that everything will be fine. I will not be able to handle months and wait until you realize that you still love me and decide to return to my life. First, the messages are on social networks. Then you will not get enough of me, so you will want to see me.

You will call me late at night just to hear my voice, and I think there may still be hope for both of us.

I can not bear to go through the same hell with you again. I can not bear that you look at me again with those puppy eyes and that the spark between us will be stronger than ever, but in an instant it will burn out, along with our love.

I can not keep your promises anymore. I do not need them, I need consistency.

I do not want to give myself a false hope that everything will be fine and then, when I least expect it, my house of cards falls.

I can not bear to share my life with you. Because if I do that, it will be like a ticking bomb until you shut me out of your life. I can not quite surrender because I know that in the end I will collapse with so many scars and tears in my heart.


The last thing I want is to have dreams with you and watch them fall apart again. I can not do that anymore. I’m not strong enough to endure your crap.

But above all, I can not stand your promise of eternal love any more.

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You once made a fool of me and you do not get a second chance. If I’ve learned anything before, then it’s not to trust the one who deliberately hurt me. And no matter what you do, I’ll never let you hurt me again. I will not be the one to wait for you, afraid that you are in a bad mood and blaming me for all your problems. I do not want to be the one to beg for love. That’s not love. Love should be as natural as breathing and I will not settle for someone who does not understand that.

I earn so much more than you can give me. I deserve true love and above all a man who stays with me!

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