If you want to find love, stop chasing it!

We don’t say for nothing: love happens when you least expect it!

Honestly, what is more beautiful in the world than the feeling of being in love? Many of us chain relationships (and disappointments) in search of that feeling of ecstasy. We need to feel loved and we need to love to have the impression of having a well-defined reason for existing: to make the other happy. After all, our happiness is only a reflection of that of our partner.

We don’t really feel like we’ve found our purpose if we haven’t managed to find out who our ideal partner is. We have the impression of being lost and building our life in vain since we have no one to share it with. Professional success, lasting friendships and financial stability cannot fill the void that a lack of love leaves in someone’s life.

It is for this reason that we force ourselves to seek it relentlessly. We think that if we haven’t found it yet, it’s because we haven’t made enough effort or because we haven’t been open enough to all the opportunities that were offered to us. we. So, we continue our quest in the hope of putting a definitive end to our love disarray.

Some choose to look for a soul mate at parties or in bars. The more relaxed atmosphere (and the alcohol) would make it easier for people to bond. Others, more shy, opt for typical meetings of our modern era: dating sites and social networks. Behind their screens, they can more easily find the courage to approach a person they like and chat in a less stressful way since they cannot see the reaction of their interlocutor.

Whatever your favorite cruising spot, the goal is the same: to find love with a capital A. You are looking for a person capable of understanding you and accepting you as you are. You want a partner who completes you and with whom you feel perfectly comfortable, someone who will make you want to get up in the morning and who will make your days and nights more beautiful.

The eternal quest

This need for love is nothing new and you don’t have to worry, you are far from alone. At one time or another, we have all found ourselves in this situation. To be sincere, we have all asked ourselves the following questions: will I find love? And when ? But, love is naughty. He knocks on your door when you least expect it. You live your life quietly and you indulge in your daily obligations and boom… There he is!

You spent so much time chasing after him without success. You chained the romantic relationships and the disappointments that went with it and you were even ready to give up the idea of ​​one day finding the ideal partner. And, it is at this moment that love will choose to point the tip of its nose. Without warning or telltale sign, it will dazzle you with all its splendour. Love will envelop you in its ardent embrace and it will not let go of you.

Indeed, you will find love in a completely unexpected place, a place in which you would never have thought to look for it. You’ll recognize it in the eyes and arms of someone you didn’t know you were expecting. And, once love finds you, it will transform into an unstoppable force. It will have a huge impact on your beliefs and your way of being: it will change your life forever.

Finally, you’ll feel like you have a purpose and know exactly where you’re going. For the first time in your life, you won’t feel like you missed out. The void that love left in your life will be filled with passion and excitement. Each new day will bring its share of (pleasant) surprises and another reason to smile.

By finding your soulmate, you won’t just have someone to love and someone to love you back. You’ll get support, a best friend, a teammate, and someone to grow with and become a better person.

Love is different for everyone

Sometimes love is silent. Sometimes it is noisy. But, it still brings great change and a gift of peace. When love finds you, everything becomes easy as pie and joy envelops you. It seeps into every part of your body and your life. Love will nourish your soul and mend all the broken pieces of your heart. When it is sincerely true, pure and real, it allows you to forget all your past mistakes and to recognize it without any doubt.

You can no longer deny its existence. You won’t have any more questions. You will be sure. As soon as love introduces you to your perfect partner, you will immediately know that this person is on earth to make you happy, to watch you grow and flourish, and to help you succeed. Love only wants to see the best possible version of you and wipe away the tears brought on by your failures.

Love loves your fragile side and all the complicated facets of your personality. It comes to you in a time of doubt and it changes you completely and forever. You will be taken by his aura and he will give you indestructible armor in the form of your partner’s arms. However, make no mistake about it: love does not knock on your door to make you half of a whole. In reality, it takes two complete people to multiply them again and again.

How is it possible ? Quite simply because love amplifies what already exists. So stop looking for it in vain because love is about to fall on you. This special love is only made for you: it’s yours and no one can steal it from you! So don’t worry about being missed: it’s not possible.

Each of us has a partner who is destined for him and nothing can stand in the way of destiny. Maybe you will discover that your soul mate has been by your side for several months or even years, but you will realize that the moment you met was not the perfect time for you to start a romantic relationship.

Maybe your soul mate will simply cross the threshold of your favorite bakery at the same time as you and as soon as your eyes meet, you will recognize each other. Love is anything but predictable! So don’t try to control or force its arrival. You must be patient, while preparing yourself to meet him.

You should never give up hope and you should keep in mind that you should be open to the very idea of ​​love. It is only when you are ready to accept the concept of pure happiness together that you can send positive vibes to the universe so that it introduces you to your other half.

If you want to find love, stop chasing it!

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