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If You Want To Do It

When you know the zodiac signs and understand their archetypes, dealing with people may be much easier for you. In a relationship, each one has a different need and if you are clear about what to do to make them feel good, you will have a lot of gain. This article is applicable to the sun sign, moon sign, and ascendant so, you know if you want to do it.


Aries goes that he is independent, that he can do anything on his own, even though sometimes it seems that he does not need anyone or anything. Mistake. You have to give Aries peace of mind, a lot because even if it seems that they don’t need it, it comes in handy. Of course, they can manage on their own, but they like to know that they have a mattress under them, they like to know that if they fall, there will always be someone who can grab their hand and pull them up.

He is used to being the person who pushes everyone, he is used to helping and solving problems for the rest, to giving good advice, to listening, and above all to having power. And of course, it is very difficult for them to ask for help, and of course many times they reject it but offer it if you know they need help, if you think it is necessary. If he has dreams, support him as much as you can and value his romantic gestures, her details… And give him a similar portion of love… Remember that Aries is much more sensitive than she appears. Never forget it…


Taurus keeps quiet about everything, well, and if not everything, many things, and you will have to encourage him to bring out what he has inside, to bring out even what he doesn’t like, to clean himself up and not swallow everything and leave it there, while it lights up and overwhelms and in the end it hurts… It accumulates too much, it has a bad time, and on top of that, it ends up exploding. Always.

You have to get him out of his comfort zone too but safely, because Taurus moves if he sees that there is something next to him that will not let him fall, something or someone to really trust. The problem is that few have the gift of making you trust, and few have the gift of giving you security. And please, be honest, Taurus can’t stand people who make promises that they can’t keep. Never cheat on him because once you do, his confidence will go to mess…

And if you don’t like their opinions, respect them, don’t try to do anything by force, don’t try to believe yourself anymore because they won’t take it. Value their desire for peace and remember, you have to let them know that you will always fight for them. ALWAYS.


Gemini is a whirlwind of emotions, it is exaltation, it is restlessness, it is agitation… And you have to always be up to the task. Be patient with his distractions and above all think that he is NOT made of stone. Although you always see him in motion, from here to there, almost always positive, and hardly complaining, he has an inner world that is difficult to decipher. Almost not even they are able to understand each other a lot of times.

Just like Gemini cares about the rest, they want the rest to care about him/her. You have to give him his space, but not make him feel alone, you have to value his good conversations and the few or many signs of affection he gives, because even if it doesn’t seem like it’s in his plans right now, one day they may end…

With Geminis, you have to be understanding, yes, because if they start to be intolerant or too suspicious, they will end up leaving. And remember something: if Geminis chose you it is for a reason, and any Gemini choice has A LOT of value.


Seriously, Cancer can be very temperamental at times, and can be unpredictable, yes, and can get up one day on the wrong foot and after a while become the sweetest person on the planet. That is true, yes, but be careful, IT IS NOT DIFFICULT TO CARRY. In fact, it is much easier than it seems.

To Cancer, if you listen more, if you are more interested in their past, and are more loyal to him/her, you will be giving them a little of how much they deserve. And the Crab will respond well, very well, because in reality he is noble and grateful, and meek, very meek, and when you give him a caress he will return the same, but of course, he will also become sullen when you do the opposite. And it will be hard for him to forget, and it will be hard for him to put bad memories aside, not because he doesn’t want to stop remembering them, but because he can’t forget a bad gesture.

Do not deceive him, do not make him believe that you have feelings for him/her if deep down they are not as strong as you say, do not sell them love stories if they are really lies… Cancer is the way it is because the world has made it that way, this tender or this hard, this hot or this cold… Remember: When Cancer acts badly it is because a lot of damage has been done before.


It is clear that Leo has a very big ego and pride that leads him to make mistakes, that he sometimes has dreams of greatness and that deep down he knows that he is better than many people around him. But is he lying? Well no. And does he underestimate or make the rest feel bad? Well no. It’s just his move, his confidence, he believes in himself, okay? Everything is part of a personality perfectly balanced with great generosity.

Leo gives before he asks. ALWAYS. But of course, if he asks for a little after giving, it’s not bad either, right? Take care of his feelings, let him calm down when he gets angry, don’t bite him anymore, and don’t make his anger wake up because although he calms down quickly, everything will stay inside him, deep inside, and Leo is not one of those who quickly forget.

You have much more to gain if you pamper Leo if you take care of him if you value him because he remembers, Leo will always give you at least three times as much as what you give him, so it’s up to you if you want to give him something good or bad


Virgo needs their space, physical and emotional, but you have to know when to give it to them, not because they seem cold and serious, they don’t always want to be alone, or rather they never want to feel alone. He may not ask you often, but you should learn when, with his gaze, he longs for affection, or when he wants a love, a hug, or just for you to be there.

When you feel that they don’t know you as they should, your anxiety makes you uneasy and your worry hurts you. Virgo gives a lot to the rest but they don’t like to ask, they want what they have to give, and they give it to them, but always without demands, that it comes from others… Like when it comes from him or her.

Value his help, give him time to assimilate his emotions, don’t coerce him, empathize with his perfectionism, let him go at his own pace, and let himself be loved when he’s ready… It’s complicated, yes, but it will be worth it. And he remembers: the delivery of Virgo in exchange for any good gesture, multiplies. Take care of him even if it is only for your interest.


For Libra, the small gestures or good words that you can give them will make them immensely happy. Satisfying his romantic side, having four details, supporting his decisions, those that are so difficult for him to make, and feeding his confidence daily, as if he were a little bird that you have to put bits of food in its beak, you have it won.

And if he/she gets that point of madness that everyone has, support him/her instead of confronting him/her, his/her nerves are short-lived but they are very intense, so why confront him/her, it’s not worth it… Neither for you nor for Pound. And don’t criticize him when you see him doubt too much or impose your decision, on the contrary, advise him, make him open his eyes when they’re a little closed, and don’t try to make him go crazier. Remember that Libra knows how to treat others, so why not give them the same treatment?


Scorpio always had a reputation for being complicated but in reality, he is not as fierce as he is painted, really. Scorpio is passionate, a lot, and for this reason, although it seems that he has everything under control, it is not like that, on the contrary, it SEEMS that he has everything under control when in reality he may have more doubts and fears than anyone at times.

He is used to being that person who defends the rest of everything, he is used to sticking up for anyone he loves, and when someone does it for him/her, he/she melts even if it’s hard. And to defend is to pull out your teeth and nails for that person, and when Scorpio sees that you have such an intensity and involvement with him/her, he/she melts. There you show him to anyone that Scorpio is the person who goes first, you give him security, and unconsciously you make him love you more.

If you know that sometimes Scorpio’s world is complex and dark, help him make it colorful. And how do you do that? Well, not betraying his secrets, nor his feelings, nor his trust… Making him laugh, giving him space if he asks for it, or shortening it if he needs you to get closer, and more. And more. And you don’t need to remember anything else…


Sagittarius can be free like the wind but need you, need you to be there, feel safe with you, with what you offer, with what you say, feel that your words are not carried away by the wind. People think that Sagittarius is a free soul that goes through everything, is not tied to anything, and flies high. Of course, it is like that and of course, it does, but sometimes it can also do it when it feels that you don’t pay enough attention to it when it doesn’t feel loved or supported. And it flies, but maybe it doesn’t want to fly…

Follow him when he does, he will want to be with you but he will not beg or bother more than necessary. Sagittarius is not rare, but it has its peculiarities. It’s unconventional. Encourage him in his struggles, defend his way of seeing life, or listen to him when he wants to convey something to you or infect you with his enthusiasm. These are things you value and will do you a lot of good. And he remembers: don’t stop him from being optimistic. It is his great secret weapon. Try to be happy by all means. With or without you.


Capricorns need understanding, a lot, that they really put themselves in their place, that they listen to it, that they value it, that they support it, and that they understand it. It’s difficult to get all the emotions out of him, very complicated, and when he finally does, he wants it to be with the right person. He is extremely suspicious. Other signs give you his trust until you lose it but Capri doesn’t give it to you, with Capri you have to earn it from minute one. The fact of being hard and leading a hard life for having been born so responsible and with some burdens makes him need understanding, softness, and complicity… And if you love Capricorn, you are the best person to give it to him…

Force him to have leisure time, relax, do something crazy, forget the past, and focus on the present. Give him space but don’t leave him alone, don’t let him feel alone. Capricorn will not ask you. You will have to be skilled to see it and give it to him. You will have to be capable to feel it, but if you really know him and manage to break through that barrier that he puts up, you will have Capri for life…


Aquarius is not a weirdo, what happens is that he does not show his feelings, the deepest, to anyone. You have a cold exterior, but your heart is hot and sometimes even burning. What happens is that to get there you need time, and patience, a lot of patience… You should be interested in his hobbies, you should ask him often and find out about his experiences… And yes, ask a lot because Aquarius doesn’t tell everything, what’s more, he doesn’t usually tell anything that may compromise your privacy.

He wants you to be the one who is interested, and if he is comfortable with you, he will tell you at least 70% of what is on his mind. The remaining 30% will be earned with confidence, more confidence… Aquarius is very generous and values ​​people who are able to value it. Respect their space and their eagerness to discuss for wanting to fix the world, their follies, and their hobbies. Aquarius will respect yours, that’s for sure. And he remembers: Friendship is something very important. Being a good friend to Aquarius is everything. So, the best thing is that you are.


Pisces dreams, and has fantasies, and no, they don’t like that nobody reproaches them for being too dreamy, nor that those dreams crush them, or that they make them less…

Pisces likes that they take the trouble to ask what is inside them, what is it that they feel, what is it that excites them, because by doing so, Pisces opens up. Pisces feels the interest shown and little by little opens up and confesses his concerns. Although many of them sound crazy, he will begin to feel that he has someone complicit in his ideas, in his life… And you would hallucinate with the potential that is in his head, you would truly hallucinate.

If Pisces doesn’t do it before, it’s not out of fear, no, it’s because they aren’t even heard. His character will not be easy, because sometimes he is too hermetic and distrustful, but he is a person who will be there for the rest of his life. By your side… For better or for worse… And he remembers that the world already seems hard enough for him, so he tries to find a place in you where he really feels safe.

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