If You Want A Second Date With The Signs Never Do This

Want A Second Date

If You Want A Second Date With The Signs Never Do This

Finding someone and having a first date is relatively easy, more complicated is having a second because it means that you have not only liked each other superficially but interest has been aroused. Also, if you are willing to meet a second time, it is because the first there was nothing out of place, no red flag. According to each person, the alarm signals to not meet again are different, there are some that focus more on the other’s way of talking about himself, on his goals in life, on his ability to improvise, or on his emotional intensity. You can know what each of the signs pays attention to in the following list, if you want a second date with the signs, never do this: 


To have a second date with Aries, on the first you will have to propose a dynamic, interesting plan that does not give rise to boredom. So, if you are with low energy, it is better to have another day. Aries will not enjoy it if you are talking about yourself all the time, they will directly stop listening. He prefers that you show him that you are a funny person than that you tell him the times that you were. To impress Aries, actions, not words.


You won’t have a second date with Taurus if you haven’t been concerned about having a pleasant conversation, listening carefully but also telling important things about your life and your plans for the future. Never take a Taurus for being frivolous just because he appreciates the good life. He likes stability and needs a down-to-earth person, so don’t focus on the superficial with this sign.


Never start a conversation with Geminis by disrespecting some type of person, because Geminis probably have a friend who is from that group, work sector, or religion. If you are going to date a Gemini you need an open mind and a good dose of tolerance, Geminis look at people, not labels. If you are not willing to put your prejudices aside, you will not have a second date with this sign, you will go directly to their list of one and no more.


You won’t have a second date with Cancer if you come off as too pushy. It is clear that one of the things Cancer is looking for is someone who can bring security to the relationship. But if you focus on talking about everything you have to give or even inflating reality, you will only get him not to accept another date again. If you seem too conceited and superficial, this sign will not like you at all. 


You’re not going to have a second date with Leo if you haven’t been authentic on the first one and if he’s noticed that you sucked at him or lied to him about what you like. Leo is a sign that he knows how to value individuality and does not like to date someone without a defined personality. On the other hand, if you have made jokes at his expense or have made him look bad for no reason, even for a laugh, be sure that he will not want to meet you again.


Forget a second date with a Virgo if you’re late for the first one. Also if you do nothing more than change plans at the last minute or if you have been lazy with the planning of the appointment. Virgo values ​​their time and energy, so it’s not a good idea to give them headaches. Also, never bet on superfluous and obvious conversations, they will be deeply bored and will not show interest to see you again.


Never try to make Libra jealous on a date, he will simply think that you are not for him, and in his mind, the meeting will already be over. Libra prefers a person who values ​​him and treats him with respect, he does not believe that he has to compete with anyone to maintain his interest. If you want a second date, be respectful, elegant, and with a touch of romance.


Never superficially judge what Scorpio feels or thinks, if you want to go on a second date with him. If his tastes seem unusual to you or what he feels is too intense, show interest in knowing why this is the case or what is behind all of this, do not put yourself above, and never belittle him or laugh at what he is showing you. You should know that there is always something much deeper behind everything he does or thinks, perhaps he still does not dare to show himself due to a lack of confidence.


Never tell a Sagittarius that he can’t do something, or that he’s crazy for trying. On the one hand, despite what you think, he will surely end up getting it and on the other, Sagi will not have the patience to deal with people who do not say “Yes” to the adventure. He needs by his side people full of life and honesty, similar to him. To have a second date with Sagittarius opens your mind to a new way of thinking, in which learning about life every day is your new philosophy, it will break your schemes.


Never go with games if you want to have a second date with Capricorn, it is a very pragmatic sign and if you start to change their plans at the last moment or feign disinterest, they will send you directly to the list of not admitted. Capricorn needs a person with clear ideas and who honestly explains his feelings, since Capri often finds it difficult to understand what others feel.


Never annoy Aquarius messages just after the first date if you want a second. Aquarius will need some time alone after spending time socializing and unless he texts you first, it’s best to wait a day or two if you want to meet him again. The time for Aquarius seems to have another rhythm, another quality, perhaps it seems to you that it has no interest but you will see that if it interests you, it will stay with you.


Never be too pessimistic or aggressive about life with Pisces, if you want to go on a second date. Pisces is a sign that prefers positive people who respect feelings. For this reason, on the first date, try to take care of helping him if he is having a delicate moment or simply listen to what he feels without giving him orders on how to improve his life. And don’t laugh at romanticism, for Pisces, it’s a way of life.

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