Rule number one if you want to go out with me – never take my love for granted and do not assume I’ll always be there no matter what.

Do not expect from me what you can not give on your side. Do not think that I will stay because of my love if you do not give me what I need in return.

You see, I got burned a lot of times and I’ve been dealing with a lot of different men’s personalities, so I like to think I’ve learned a thing or two that I’m looking for now in relationships.

Do not worry, it’s nothing irrational or impossible to give. It’s just that now I have enough respect for me to know when I should leave.

First of all, do not think that you can be all kind, loving and give me what I need and then decide that it’s enough and be a moron because you think you have the right.

No sir. If you will love me, it will be all the time and not only when you judge it appropriate.

I’m not a doll with which you can play when it suits you, then become cold and distant when you’re tired of treating me with respect.

If you want me to stay, you’ll have to give me a good reason to do it.

Because that kind of bullshit does not work, and the one you’re trying to impress can go on show.

I have needs, desires and I’m entitled to it.

I want you to love me at any time of the day. I want to be there for me when my pet dies and I’m completely devastated.

I want you to prepare breakfast for me in the morning when I have trouble getting up.

I need you to show me your respect and your kindness in times when I have nothing to offer you.

I need you to put my needs first and stop trying to introduce me to your friends as a piece of meat that you just caught, but rather as a kind, ambitious and capable woman, whose inner qualities exceed his physical appearance.

It’s not because I look good that I’m stupid. A girl can be attractive while remaining amazing in other aspects of life and smarter than one might think.

Listen, I love you, which means that I’m really with you. I will give you my attention and my love and you will really be at the top of my list of priorities.

All I’m saying is do not ignore me when I need you. Do not just expect me to take care of your needs without offering anything in return.

Tell me that you love me and prove it to me by facts. Come back soon if I call you sobbing because of a misfortune that just happened.

Buy me my favorite flowers when I’m down because you know it’ll make me smile!

Show me your dedication. Show me consideration. Honest and vulnerable bristles. If you can not show me anything, how can you expect me to stay?

If you want me, take time for me. Bring me first.

Choose me when your friends are trying to get you out and tell them that you prefer to stay with your girlfriend this time. You can not even imagine what it will mean to me.

I do not ask much. Only that you give me as much as I offer you from me.

Show me that my company is what you need when you feel like shit.

Show me it’s me you want when you do not want to talk but you do not want to be alone no more.

I can be all that. There is nothing I love more than sitting next to you, feeling your warmth and putting my head on your shoulder, feeling like the safest girl on earth.

You give me safety on the most difficult days and you are my favorite place in the world.

Show me that I am yours too and you will have my love for the rest of the days.

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