If you lie about these 9 things in your relationship, they won’t last

Lies are always a tightrope walk, so you should always be careful when going through phases of dishonesty in your relationship.

You never want to make your partner feel like he can’t trust you, especially when it comes to the big and serious matters of life.

You should always be as honest with one another as possible. Often the level of honesty in the relationship correlates directly with the strength of love between two people.

Sure, telling a little white lie here and there can be okay if you really know it’s for the good of your partner and the relationship. But most of the time lying is selfish and a gross act of lack of respect and betrayal of the person you are supposed to be in love with.

If you find that you are actually lying about these 9 things in your own relationship, it clearly won’t hold.

1. You lie about your emotional availability

If you tell someone that you are emotionally available even though you know that you are clearly not, you are doing yourself and the other person no favour.

2. You lie about the past.

Lying about your story is lying about who you are. Remember that your past helped shape and define you as a person.

And you should always give your partner a better insight into the true nature of your personality. And that also means opening up to your past and your story.

3. You lie about financial matters.

There are so many relationships that have been ruined due to financial issues. And you should never fool your partner about it, especially if you already have shared finances as a couple.

4. You lie about whether you want children or not.

Ultimately, most people enter into relationships with the intention of starting a family in the future. However, if you are not interested in this typical way of life, you have to be honest with your partner.

Your relationship will not last if you can never talk about or agree on this topic.

5. You lie about infidelity.

Cheating is never good for a relationship. However, there is evidence that couples are still able to recover from infidelity incidents. But if you keep lying about cheating on your partner, it makes your relationship more difficult to have a chance.

6. You lie about your physical (or mental) health.

Health is not a joke in the relationship. You should always make sure that you are honest with each other about health.

When it comes to true love, it always means in good and bad days. But you have to be honest with what health problems you may have.

7. You lie about your expectations of the relationship.

When you enter into a relationship, it is normal to have certain expectations of your partner and the relationship. You want certain things from the relationship and in order for these expectations to be met, you have to be absolutely honest with them.

8. You lie about your love needs.

Love will always be one of the most important facets of any modern relationship. And under no circumstances should you lie about your love needs. As a couple, you both have to work to ensure that your needs for physical intimacy are always met.

9. You lie about lying.

And of course, you should make sure you admit when you’ve lied to your partner about something serious. You shouldn’t cover up this lie with more lies. You will only dig yourself an even deeper pit.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, you should always make sure to stay honest and truthful with the person you are in a relationship with. You should always make sure that you never mislead him about important things.

You should never give him the feeling that you willingly betray or deceive him. He is your partner and he has a right to know everything you do.

If you find yourself lying to your partner about the things listed in this article, it is very likely that your relationship will simply not last.



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