1. When she loves fearlessly.

Find the woman who is open to a new love and is not afraid to jump into the cold water. One who believes in love, even if everyone else around her has long since given up on it. This is the woman who takes a relationship seriously and not half-heartedly.

2. If it is authentic.

Find the woman who doesn’t apologize for being the way she is. One that is proud of the word “different”. Find the woman who is authentic, who will change you. The woman who will make you see things the way you have never seen them before.

3. When she is ready to support you.

Find the woman who is your biggest fan. One who believes in you, who always pushes you forward and constantly tells you that you can do it and that you can do it. Because it’s their faith that makes you want to achieve things.

4. If it’s funny.

Find the woman that people have fun with, without much effort. One who goes through life carefree and makes people laugh. She will be the woman who can put a smile on your face even if you have had a bad day.

5. When it challenges you.

Find the woman who will force you to always look ahead and make you never give up. But if you want to keep them, you have to do your best and reach their level. One that will not only challenge you physically to achieve more but also mentally. Find a woman who gets you to read more books so you can expand your knowledge. One that will emotionally challenge you to feel things more deeply than you have ever done.

6. When she has goals in life.

Find the woman who strives for her goals and for whom it is important to achieve them. One who plans everything exactly when she will implement the prescribed. It is the woman who will motivate you to achieve your own success.

7. If she can take care of herself.

Find the woman who takes care of herself. One who pays attention to their appearance. If she cares about what she looks like, it’s a sign of self-respect. And if she takes care that she eats and trains healthily, she will have a good impact on you.

Find the woman who is financially independent. One who is self-employed and knows how to handle money. One who lives her life with her own resources and does not seek financial support from you. One who is completely independent when you enter her life.

Find the woman who can handle her emotions. One that will never transmit negative emotions to you, but knows how to control and react. One who can take care of herself emotionally and who will be able to be strong when you are not.

8. If she is nice.

Find the woman who truly cares about others. One who doesn’t say bad words and who always shows her kindness. It is the woman who will not only treat you well, but she will appreciate it if you do the same. It is the woman whose kindness will do your relationship good.

9. If she is optimistic.

Find the woman who will see the best even in the worst of situations. One who can handle it when something goes wrong and doesn’t panic, but reacts correctly. Finding a woman who is optimistic when you need it is essential.

10. When she is ready to sacrifice herself for you.

Find the woman who may have a lot to do but still sets you as a priority. One that tries to run two events in one night because it promised you that it would be there. Even if it means that she runs from place to place and only stays somewhere to be seen, she does it anyway. Because in addition to all the things that are important to her, she wants to show you that you are one of them.

11. If she is brutally honest.

Find the woman who is brutally honest. One who is so bad at lying because it makes her feel so bad that she cannot physically. One that is direct and says things as they are. This is the woman who will tell every detail of things. This is the woman whose phone is unlocked and who has no password. This is the woman who is an open book and has no secrets.

12. If she is someone you can trust.

Trust comes with honesty. Find a woman who appreciates it. One that not only works to build your trust but also trusts you. You can probably get away with a lot when it comes to them. Because she won’t be the one to check you out in the evening when you go out with friends. She won’t be the one wondering who you’re writing messages to or checking the messages on your phone. If someone trusts you like this, it’s something you don’t want to ruin.

13. If she accepts her weaknesses.

Find the woman who knows that she is not perfect. But she lives her life by striving to do her best. Beauty is not found in perfection, but in the woman who accepts everything about herself without letting her weaknesses speak for her.

14. When she strives to get better.

With mistakes comes the desire to be the best version of yourself. Find the woman who only wants to change the parts of herself that make her better, healthier and happier. A woman who is self-motivated to get better will appear in her best shape next to you and she will keep trying to get better.

15. When she tries to be in good relationships with your friends.

Find the woman who works for your friends and works to build a relationship with them. This is the woman who knows the importance of these relationships. She will never be the one that makes you choose between you and your friends because every good woman knows that your friends are her friends too.

16. When she wants to spend time with your family.

Find the woman who will include your brother and sister in your plans. One that suggests that you spend as much time with your family as possible. One who doesn’t want to remove you from them. This is the woman who knows that your family could be hers if the relationship between you is right. That is why it is important that she is in good relationships with your family.

17. If she is interested in your hobbies.

Find the woman who is willing to try something, even if she wasn’t interested in it before. One who will say, “Okay, you like that, let’s do it.” Just as you try new things for her, she’ll try to show interest in your hobbies as well.

18. If she surprises you.

Find the woman who never stops beating you. The woman who is happy when she sees you happy. The woman who really tries to make you happy with small things. Because that is the woman who will teach you what caring is and that you never stop.

19. When she shows her vulnerable side.

Find the woman who shows you that emotions are not always ugly or a sign of weakness. But that’s what keeps you together and brings you closer. This is the woman who will take you to a level that no one else can or has achieved. This is the woman who touches the deepest parts of your heart. She’s just the one who heals you.

20. When it inspires you and others.

Find the woman who motivates and builds you and other people with a conversation. One that fills every room she enters with energy through love, compassion and encouragement. One that motivates and encourages other people.

21. When it is loose.

Find the woman you can easily cope with. One that is personable and approachable. One that you can take with you anywhere and that gets along without you. A woman who is easy going, easy to make friends wherever you take them. And that’s the woman you want to stand next to.

22. If it’s funny.

Find the woman who conjures up a funny situation from everything. No matter if it is the places where you travel or just lazy Sundays in bed that you spend together. This is the woman who will make the life you lead an exciting life. This is the woman you want to create memories with.

23. If she values ​​love.

Find the woman who doesn’t go to bed with you on the first date. The woman who makes you wait. A woman who will teach you that love is not something casual, but something that should be appreciated between two people who love each other. It will be the best love you have ever had in your life.

24. If she doesn’t want to gossip.

Find the woman who is mature and confident enough not to talk badly about others because she knows that the things you say are a reflection of what you feel about yourself. This is the woman who is not involved in toxic relationships.

This is the woman who is so real that she will be able to read people like books and see who they are. This is the woman who will know which of your friends are good for you and who may only be using you. This is the woman who will always take care of you.

25. When you feel safe around them.

Find the woman who makes you feel that you are good enough. The one who looks at you like you’re the only one in the room. The one who just admires you. This is the woman who will show you all. Find the woman who knows the most important thing is that you can trust her.

This is the woman who will repel any man who wants to flirt with her. She will admit that she is flattered but happily forgiven. This is the woman who will make you feel that you are the best thing that has ever happened to her. But you are the one who is lucky here.

26. If she’s your best friend.

But the most important thing is that she is your best friend. She is the one you want to tell everything about first. She is the one you want to come home to. The one you want to wake up with every morning. She is the only woman you can imagine your future with.


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