If you don’t make an effort, your relationship will break up

If you don’t put effort into your relationship, the person you are with will not understand how much they mean to you. She’ll start to question whether she means as much to you as you do to her.

You will feel neglected. She will not feel valued. It will feel like you are looking past its value as if you take it for granted as if you are leaching it out without giving anything back.

If you don’t put effort into your relationship, you will lose something great. You will let it run through your fingers. You will stand by while everything breaks apart.

Of course, the same rules apply to the person you are with. Without engagement on both sides, your relationship will not last.


You shouldn’t be the only one who takes and you shouldn’t be the only one who gives. There should be a balance. There should be trust. There should be teamwork.

Don’t think you can save your relationship by overcompensating for the lack of commitment on the part of the person you’re with – and don’t think you can get away with a lack of commitment on your part.

Relationships go both ways. You both have to make a contribution. You both have to make an effort. You both have to express how much it means to you.

One-sided relationships are not healthy relationships. One-sided relationships are designed to destroy yourself.

If the person you are with is effortless in your relationship, it is only a matter of time before he becomes a source of annoyance. Until he stops making you happy and starts stressing you out.

Until you are finally exhausted and feel like you can no longer give anything because he has already taken everything from you – without even saying thank you.

If the person you are with is effortless in the relationship, you will either overexert yourself by fighting with your feet and hands for the relationship to survive.

Or you will say shit and stop trying because you realize you shouldn’t be the only one doing all the work. In any case, it won’t end well. Your relationship will make you miserably miserable. Unsure. Confused. Dissatisfied.

You should never settle for someone who refuses to live up to your expectations.

Someone who is unable to keep up with your efforts. Someone who thinks they deserve all your love and affection without having to hand out any of them themselves.

And you shouldn’t have a relationship if you’re the one who doesn’t feel like trying. You shouldn’t let someone else pull your leg out for you and spend it on you without offering anything in return.

You shouldn’t take advantage of his kindness and test how long he lets you get away with it.

Without engagement, a relationship will break up, so make sure you do your part. And make sure you are not content with someone who refuses to do his part.


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