How many times in your life have you thought to give up something that you just started doing? How many times in your life have you regretted not fighting for what you wanted?

We forget that even the little things take effort, but we take it for granted, simply because we think it’s not worth the effort. But little things affect something bigger.

We forget to fight for our dreams and desires, for the people we love, because we are too busy with trivial things, too busy thinking that our efforts will be wasted.

And that’s when we get disappointed. We miss the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and fight for what we want, which leads to us crying for what we have lost.

If you are not fighting for your loved ones, do not cry when you lose them.

If you are not ready to be only with the person you love, to work on yourself, do not cry when you lose him.

Love is an effort to give and receive. It’s about trying for the sake of the relationship every day. If you expect that everyone will do only for you, you will lose your soul mate. Love is to fight for all sorts of little things in order to keep something more – love.

If you are not ready to try to make someone happy, do not cry when that person finds a replacement for you.

If you are not ready to commit yourself to the present, do not cry when the future disappoints you.

Enjoy the little things that life gives you, appreciate every moment with your loved ones, because otherwise someone else will do it.

If you are not fighting for your dreams, do not cry if they do not come true, do not cry when you have lost all opportunities. Fight for them!

Fight for those and what you love, which makes your heart beat faster, which makes you feel alive.


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