If you asked me why I love you, I would tell you this

Someone asked me why I love you so much, but I could not really put it into words.

How do you actually describe the presence of a person in his life that is important to you? How do you find the right words in a world of confusion and chaos?

I fell in love with you as much as with our favourite song. At first, I rejected the unknown, then every word repeated itself and I could not switch it off anymore.

I love you just because I’m meant to.

Because you know my secrets that few ears can hear.

I love you because you know my fears and support me when I face them.

For the dreams, you believe in, even when in doubt.

I love you because you can see with a bare look what day I have today.

Because you say it in a word if something is wrong.

I love you because you accept every mistake and promote my strengths. Because you know my past and I do not have to hide from you.

I love you because you touch me and know how to get under my skin.

But I also love our ability to forgive and find each other again and again.

I love you because you know me better than I do myself.

Because you support me, even when we are far apart.

I love how we can leave each other but still, go together.

Because you respect me, you have taught me to respect myself.

I love you for every joke that made me cry out of laughter.

Because you did not wipe tears and never caused them.I love you because I feel like the most beautiful woman in the world with you.

Because you protect me.

I love the way you love me too.

For the perfect integration of our fingers.

I love you for every hug and for keeping me a little bit firmer.

Or how you always let me be the first.

I love you for every quirk.

For everything you think is a mistake, but I see it beautiful.

Because you understand me in a way that I still do not understand myself.

I love you for every kiss. Every smile. For every laugh. Every memory. For everything that you are. And everything you have made of me. In good and in bad times.

I love you, without knowing why or how all I know is that I do not want to stop.

Now you know why I love you …


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