If you are Sagittarius, you are the best sign in the zodiac. here’s why

In December, Sagittarians celebrate by adding a year to the meter of their fabulous existence. This sign of fire allied to the mythical centaur is distinguished from other signs by its cheerfulness, its optimism with all the evidence, its human warmth and its generosity.

And the list goes on when it comes to the qualities of these zodiac adventurers. Did you know that they have reached the rank of the best sign of the zodiac?

Their countless positive temperament traits make them great friends to always keep by your side.

If you doubt it, here are a few reasons that will convince you of the exceptional character of these happy zodiacs. Sagittarius is an endless number of Epicureans.

Furious when it comes to collecting pleasures, it is always good to follow them on their breathtaking adventures. Expansive and talkative, there is no room for boredom in their company.

They will be fun if you inspire them. But all of these subjects are nothing compared to their countless list of qualities.

Whether they are lovers or friends, here are 7 reasons why it is good to have them around you.

1- They are determined

There is no doubt that you will be discouraged by an obstacle! Sagittarians never allow themselves to be knocked down, no matter what the whims of day-to-day life are. On the contrary, they see every disappointment as an opportunity to surpass themselves.
Their talent for transcending difficulties makes them capable of getting out of all situations with a dignity that characterizes them. When overcome with sadness, they will immediately regain control and display a beaming smile.

2- They are resistant

Behind their cheerfulness, these reckless zodiacs hide their cracks with ineffable lightness. Their difficulty in confiding is primarily motivated by their inability to deal with their suffering by complaining. Their inner strength comes from their unwavering faith in life and their gratitude for the blessings granted to them on a daily basis.

3- They are good

Their kindness is incomparable. For them, it is inconceivable to leave a friend in need without contacting them. The natives of this Fire sign will get hot and try to improve their human condition on their own scale because, if there is one thing that terrifies them, it is injustice. They will never leave a block to their woes because it is simply beyond their strength.

4- They are courageous

Sometimes Sagittarius can behave like a real black sheep. Unconventional, they never hesitate to support a tooth and nail position even if it means being disowned by their friends. To support a cause close to their hearts, they are not afraid to make enemies. They keep intellectual dishonesty at bay and are not ashamed to let it be known.

5- They are good company

Sagittarians are never mutual. They always have an anecdote to tell or a joke to amuse the gallery. Their frenetic adventures are a laughing stock and these happy zodiac children will never be stingy. Their human warmth will have the gift of softening the most cynical minds. Lightly, they will enter a room that attracts all eyes.

6- They love with passion

These romantic faithful never allow themselves to be surprised by bitter disappointments. Their love remains intact and for the romance is not to blame because a rose stung you. They will keep faith in love and immerse themselves in passion with passion despite all the risks to which they are exposed. He genuinely loves and his heart never fades.

7- They are ambitious

Sagittarians are aware of the need to believe in their dreams. It is in this sense that these ambitious zodiacs have raised the bar despite the perplexity of their detractors. And it is for this reason that they manage to reach new heights. To aim for the moon, they put on blinders so that nothing could distract them from the goal they had set for themselves. And it is not the fatalistic spirits who extinguish their sacred fire.


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