Yes, she loves you. She loves you the way someone will never love you.

However, she will never beg for your love, attention, compliments and gestures, because if she does not come from the depths of your heart, she does not want them at all.

She will never beg for love. So if you are not as crazy about her as she is about you, then do her a favor and just leave her alone!

She is fed up with all these mediocre loves and selfish words. She’s sick of waiting to be manipulated.

So if your intentions are not serious, do not even try to talk to them!

Do not even try to sell your toxic kind of love, because if you do, she’ll know right away.

There’s one thing you have to understand about her. If she loves, she loves unconditionally.

She will say everything to make her lover feel special. That’s why she does not accept any pardons.

So if you are not ready to make an effort to conquer them, please just leave them alone.


She is fed up with these hypocritical words and the sweet-tooth rasping. If you really stand on her, then roll up your sleeves and prove it to her!

Do not expect her to be at your feet after a word, because she will not. Be a man and conquer her as real men do!

Make her feel special by staying with her choices by taking care of her by being crazy about her.

And if you’re not ready to do that, then keep your hands off her.

If you are not ready to love her the way she loves you, just leave her alone.

Do not let her wait, just because you know she will do it. Do not treat it as an option if you know that you have priority for it.

If you are not ready to move your butt and be a man of his words, just leave them alone and do not waste their time!

If you are not ready for a bond, then do not torment it.

If you are not ready to fulfill your promises, do not do it.

If you are not ready to be there for her when she needs you, then make no effort to stay.

She is no longer the women that she used to be. She is tired of all the fast-loved and near-lovers, so if you can not reciprocate her love, then just go.

Be aware that she is no longer the same girl sitting next to her phone all day waiting for a phone call.

She is no longer the girl who believes everything she is told. She has promised herself never to bother again and fight for the wrong man.

She will never give her heart to someone who is not ready to receive it. If you can not accept that, just leave it alone!

If you really like her, show it with your actions!

If she really means something to you, do not let her wait!

If you really want to be with her then do not let her doubt her choices!


And if not, do not even bother to do anything!

Do not think she is the same girl who will believe everything you give her. That’s not her. She knows very well what she wants and what she gives.

The only difference is that this time she will not sacrifice her own happiness for someone else.

It will not give someone their pure love and get a toxic one in return.

She will no longer be blind with love and crazy for someone who is not ready for it.

She will no longer serve her heart on the silver platter and watch as she is greedily devoured.

And if you are the right one, you will understand that.

If you are really willing to love her as she deserves, then you will do so.

If not – then do the favor and stay away from her!

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