Once upon a time, there was a good man who was smart, ambitious, polite, good-looking and charming. It was hard not to lose his head because of him. I’ll call him “Mr Maybe.”

During that time, I tried to convince myself that he did everything he could to love me, and tried to give it all, but I knew I was lying to myself because I always felt that something was missing, as if he could do more or give more, but something just stopped him.

For a long time, I have been looking for excuses for him, until I decided that I would be with “Mr. Maybe “and all of his” maybe “was done.

I’ll tell you exactly what it feels like to fall in love with Mr. Maybe:

  • “Maybe” he is free at 10pm to call you and chat a bit.
  • “Maybe” he visits a friend’s wedding, his cousin’s birthday or his job and promotion party.
  • “Maybe” he listens to you when you talk about a personal topic.
  • “Maybe” he supports your dreams and passions, but does not think it’s a good idea to drop everything and go after you.
  • “Maybe”  he is really too busy.
  • “Maybe” he is interested, but he does not know how to show it.
  • “Maybe”  he’s just stressed out at work, so he did not make an effort.
  • “Maybe”  he is so focused on his career that he does not want a relationship that distracts him.
  • “Maybe” he needs you in his life, but he is emotionally unreachable.
  • “Maybe”  he did not want to ignore you when you told him you missed him.
  • “Maybe” he needs space, because he is overwhelmed only by work and family matters.
  • “Maybe”  he did not hear you that night when you said you loved him.
  • “Maybe” he was involved in something he forgot to call you back.
  • “Maybe”  he really did not like your profile picture, post or status update.
  • “Maybe” he loves you, but he has been hurt before.
  • “Maybe”  he does not know how to be loved because he is not used to receiving that kind of love.
  • “Maybe”  he is aloof because he is intimidated by your love for him.
  • “Maybe”  he is just not ready.

The list of “Mr. Maybe” can go on and on. These are just a few examples of how love can blind people when they are satisfied with “maybe”. “Mr. Maybe “and I stayed friends for some reason.

He once asked me if I would ever invite him to my wedding; I just want to let him know that on the day I marry, I’m going to marry the man who was “maybe” safe.

I will marry the man who knows that there is no “maybe” with me. I will marry the man who knows exactly what he wants from his life.
And to his question: Does he get an invitation to my wedding? – I answered with “Maybe”.


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