There you are and spend another sleepless night thinking about this guy. What did he do? Did you ever think of him or did he forget you?

I know that sometimes you think you should contact him again. So much time has passed and you know how long ago it was when you were still in the other’s life. Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe loneliness, maybe you just miss him. So you take the step. You ask how he is doing. He tells you that he was doing great, that everything was fine. You tell him it was the same with you.

Then he says it. “I miss you.”

And although you resist, you feel that feeling is rising inside of you. You feel your heart racing and you can not help but smile, even if only a little. It’s nice to know that he misses you too. That you are not the only one who reminisces from time to time. That you are not the only one who imagines you have more of it.

You say you want to meet him and he agrees. But the next day comes and goes. A week or two pass and he left.

When you reach him and tell him, he has all sorts of excuses. That he’s busy, that he worked hard, that he was nervous. That he really wants to see you, but just does not fit.
Let me tell you the truth: He does not really miss you. Because if he did this, he would literally do something about it.

Everything you need to know about choosing the right one.

We all want to be missed. We like the idea that someone who has been so important to us and has influenced us so much, thinks of us and wants to reach us. We hope even more if we miss someone – we do not want to be the only ones.

To save ourselves from rejection, we indulge in the lies they impart to us – because it is easier to bear the idea that he is busy than that he does not think of us. It is easier to believe that he can not find a way to see you than to believe that he is not interested in going further.

You’re convinced that if you try a little bit more, if you constantly go back, he’ll eventually be unable to get you out of his head. That he will finally see what he lacks.

However, it is time for you to accept what you have avoided so far.
It’s time for you to admit to yourself that he does not miss you, no matter how much you want it. It’s also time to make it clear that it does not matter. That the fact that he does not miss you does not mean that you are not worth missing.

Honestly, there will be people who affect us so overwhelmingly in our lives, and it’s hard to imagine not being that kind of presence in their lives.

Still, some people just do not know what they have. Some people just do not realize what opportunity they have – and that’s not your fault. This is not something you have to apologize for.

It means he had a chance and missed it – and it looks like it’s a good thing he did because you’re worth more.

You’re someone whose value does not go down just because a guy does not come into the pots and really makes an effort. Any guy who does not strive to see you is not worthy of crying for him. You know that you deserve more than that.

Because you can offer so much to this world and you deserve someone who recognizes you. You deserve someone who, if he has the chance to relive those memories and shape them with you, is looking forward to doing just that. You deserve someone who looks at you and knows what he has in front of him.

So stop wasting time, thought, and energy on someone who claims to miss you just to let you down. If he really missed you, he would do something about it.
And without him you are really better.

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