Aries: Why does it seem so easy for you to find new friends?

Taurus: Why do you isolate yourself and disconnect yourself from society?

Gemini: Will you ever stop looking for new adventures?

Cancer: why are you so hard on yourself?

Löwe: How do you manage to stay so positive even in the most unfortunate moments?

Jungfrau: Why do you speak so rarely and when you do you always say the most beautiful things?

Libra: why do you do just about everything?

Scorpio: Why are you so fond of power and control?

Sagittarius: How can you always be so honest?

Capricorn: Where do you get all your patience from?

Aquarius: Why do you stay loyal to those who don’t really deserve it?

Pisces: How do you make others believe that they know so much about you, but they don’t really know anything about you?


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