If he’s serious, he won’t be afraid to commit

Here’s something most people will be too afraid to tell you: a man in love with you will commit immediately, and without hesitation.

It’s quite useless and unhealthy to make things look better than they are or to cover your face. There’s clearly no point in trying to spare your feelings because, in the end, you’ll realize the truth at some point.

So you might as well find out now and later!

A man in love with you and ready to commit will not wait to show you

Everything else is lies, supposedly meant to protect you.

The truth is, a guy who’s totally in love with you won’t make excuses when it comes to your relationship.

A man who loves you will not let you doubt it. A man READY to commit, will commit!

It’s not an easy thing to accept because a man who genuinely doesn’t love you will still offer you that dance, where he will lure you in, corner you through a forest of excuses and leave you lost, unable to decide. whether or not he is playing with you.

Unable to decide if you should hold on a little longer or finally let go.

That truth that everyone avoids telling you because they don’t want to hurt your feelings is that if you do n’t click at the start of the relationship and there isn’t something special that brings you closer each other, it’s not worth staying together.

Because surely things won’t get better. Your relationship will not magically become the relationship of your dreams.

So might as well end it as soon as possible to save yourself the trouble and wasting time.

Dating a man who doesn’t know if he wants you or not is a complete waste of time.

If he’s not sure of you, he doesn’t want you. It’s quite simple in itself.

Yet we persist in giving ourselves reasons to ignore the problem.

The worst part isn’t that people can’t recognize a bad relationship; the worst part is justifying bad behavior by clinging to the few positive “signs”.

You know, all the “signs” that show you’re meant to be together, that thrilling ecstasy you swear you’ve never felt with another living soul. And then this connection, for which you convinced yourself that this was a unique thing to feel in your life and that you will never find again.

But let me tell you, people who know they’re meant to be with someone don’t need to find proof. They do not look for “signs”, they do not list reasons. They know and then that’s it.

I know this is not an easy thing to accept. But that’s because you don’t realize what’s at stake: your precious time.

Who wants to admit that the person they love doesn’t love them back? Nobody, of course. Feeling unwanted is the last thing you want to feel.

This is unfortunately why we give ourselves false hopes. We say he’s not ready yet, he’s a little confused, or he’s been through a lot.

We are ready to accept everything, except the truth. And it’s understandable… This truth hurts like hell.

Someone in love will stack the odds on their side

Someone who really wants to be with you will do whatever they can, however they can, to make your relationship happen and work as well as possible.

It will sweep away all temptation and ignore false difficulties that sound like excuses, such as distance, age, and “wrong time.”

That’s what true love actually does: it rearranges reality around itself.

And that means someone who’s really in love with you will be afraid of losing you.

When he meets the woman made for him, she becomes part of his life. And if he lost her, he would half-lose himself.

He knows that she is as much a part of him as he is of her.

This is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of understanding. This man knows that life is short. He will never want to take the risk of putting himself in a position where he could lose you.

And so, if you waste your precious days and youth with someone who doesn’t love you enough to commit, you’ll only have your eyes to cry on afterwards. And your heart full of regrets.

Leaving will open a door where anything is possible

It could mean that you will be alone for a while. This could mean that you will have other less interesting partners.

But you cannot know what will follow. You can’t be sure that the love of your life will show up in weeks, months, or even years.

All you can know is that the person who doesn’t want to be with you right now isn’t the one who wants to be with you tomorrow.

And while you’re wasting your time, you might just pass up the opportunity to find someone who will truly love you. A person who tries to get to you, but can’t because you keep giving Mr. “I can’t make up my mind right now” another chance to disappoint you again.

A man in love will not need more time to decide on your relationship.

He will grab you and hold you close. He will be afraid of losing you and he knows that only a fool would let you go.

Don’t settle for a “maybe”

If you find yourself stuck in a relationship with a man who sees you as a “maybe” and not a “definitely,” think about what you’re losing and what you’re meant to deserve.

Even if quitting means you’re going to be single for a while, or you’re going to date a few more jerks, do it.

Good things don’t happen overnight. This is where patience comes into play.

I know you’re tired of hearing about patience.

I know you want him to come right away and start the fairy tale part of your life as soon as possible. But I promise you: really good things are worth the wait.

You cannot look to the future.

You will never know what awaits you! But you can at least have a say in what happens now.

It’s up to you to decide your destiny by making a decision now. Because his indecision IS a decision.

Of course, relationships aren’t simple and human nature is even harder to understand, but one thing is certain: if he doesn’t want to commit, he doesn’t like you.

The person you need to be with will be with you, 100%, because they will know and so will you.

If he's serious, he won't be afraid to commit

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