Women often believe that it is their own fault if they are not turned on by guys. The ultimate and true reason is the fact that the guy just isn’t in love with the woman. Let’s clear it up once and for all. He is not shy and you are not afraid either.

” If a man is interested , there will be no distance in his way. But if he’s not interested, you can live right next door, and that’s too far for him. “”

A man has a strong desire to be the leader in a relationship. It’s just a natural part of his manhood. He wants to master the challenge.

Every man loves the chase. Trust me … When he sees what he wants, he runs after it. If a man you adore doesn’t run after you, he just doesn’t care about you. So, it’s simple. It’s the painful truth – He just doesn’t care about you.

Men can always find excuses why they are not after a woman. They often even lie to them or walk around the bush to prevent them from feeling hurt or feeling that they are simply not interested.

A man has many excuses, e.g. that he has a lot to do, that he has stress at work, that he has other appointments (fitness appointment, doctor’s appointment, etc.)

He is so charming, fully equipped with an adorable face and a smile that makes you melt. He opens the doors for you and he even took you on a couple of nice dates. But what about all the confusing text messages that turn you upside down? 

What about all the times when you wondered if you did something wrong or if you angered him or made him lose interest in you?

Stop chasing a guy who doesn’t give you the time or who doesn’t make an effort to talk to you.

The moment you start to doubt that you are special is the moment when you have to stop talking to him.

Please do not be the woman who allows the man to play with her mind, feelings or even her body. A woman should be confident and safe and happy with herself, and she should know her self-esteem and not waste her time waiting for a man who is unwilling to follow her up and make her happy.

The idea of ​​letting a guy take the first step may sound old-fashioned, but keep these things in minda man will show you who he really is by the way he dates you. The way he deals with you, how he talks to you, how he passionately seduces you and tries to impress you.

A real man will run after you every day. The right man will motivate you to be the best you can be, and he will admire you for all your weaknesses. 

He won’t say that he accepts your mistakes and uses them against you when he’s angry or frustrated like a little boy would. A real man will respect you no matter what.

The right man will lead you to your goals because he wants you to be successful and happy. A real man won’t play with your feelings and he won’t call you just because it suits him.

Everyday life is stressful today, but if he is really interested in you, he will somehow take the time for you. For the right man, you are not a toy.

You should be with a guy who shows you openly that he’s interested in you, a guy who doesn’t stab you in the back or somehow confuses you with his manner.

You should be with a guy who puts you at the centre as a “priority”. I tell you … you don’t deserve to be fooled. You deserve a love that is as pure as snow. You deserve a true love, you deserve to have trust. You just deserve it … Does your heartbeat? Are you still breathing Yes, so … you are alive …. love and enjoy your life.

You deserve to be chased by a real man. Being alone can be difficult at times, but loving someone who isn’t interested in you and doesn’t care about you can be even more painful. Time will take its course. And while you’re waiting for him, love yourself so much that only a knight without fear and blame can dare to chase after you.

Do not open your heart to him until you are sure that he is truly and genuinely interested in you.


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