1. Everything revolves around him

He is only interested in himself. He ensures that his needs are met, regardless of the people around him.

He likes to say good things about himself and he is often arrogant. He tries to hide the fact that he lacks self-confidence. His behavior has narcissistic notes and it will only get worse.

If you are involved with someone who fits this description, run to save your life. His current behavior gives you insight into how he will treat you in the future.

He is one of those egocentric men who will always put you last.

He will most likely play mind games and give you the impression that you should be grateful to be with him.

2. He says one thing, but does the opposite

He will promise you the whole world, he will tell you the most beautiful stories but he will never support them with actions.

He is just talking, but when it comes to making real efforts or investing in the relationship, he does not move a finger. In the end, we can not trust him.

If he shows this kind of behavior from the beginning, he will not change much in the future.

Before you know it, you will be sucked into a one-sided relationship and you will be the only one doing all the work.

So pay more attention to his actions than to his words. If he lies on the little things, he will surely go to bigger lies in no time.

This is a warning that this is a man who lacks self-confidence and with whom one can not build a future.

3. His feelings are his like a secret that he keeps preciously

Men in general have trouble expressing their feelings.

But over time, it is certain that they will still have some emotional expression, if not in words, then in action.

The thing with emotionally immature men is that they think they are losing their power by showing their feelings.

They do not want the game of hunting to stop and especially they are afraid to become vulnerable, they fear to be hurt if they open to love, that’s why they hide their feelings.

In most cases, an open conversation would fix everything. But you can not really talk to an emotionally immature man.

He will skilfully evade the subject as long as he can.

As immature as he is, if he really has feelings, his actions will show him even if he does not have the courage to say what he thinks.

If he makes no effort to show them, I’m sorry to tell you, but that means he probably does not have any.

4. The word “engagement” does not appear in its dictionary

Regardless of his age, he always feels like he is not ready to take on responsibilities or anything in the long run.

As soon as the things in the relationship begin to evolve towards something more serious, he will try to move away.

He is not in a place where he can be engaged in something in the long run.

You will recognize the symptoms by his inability to plan for the future, he will avoid introducing you as his girlfriend, you will not know the important people in his life, etc.

It’s something he has to solve on his own. This may happen over time, but his emotional immaturity and his fear of commitment can follow him until he is sixty years old.

So be careful with your time. Do not let it waste too much.

If you think you have already given him enough time and understanding, it may be time to stop waiting and let him go.

5. He goes to see his mother for every little thing or still lives at home

Is there anything more that shouts to immaturity than a man who goes to see his mother for every little thing?

There is nothing wrong with a man having a good relationship with his mother, but it’s too much when she interferes with everything and decides all aspects of her life, especially when it comes to your life to both of you.

He will always compare you to her, whether they have a good or bad relationship. He will want you to be more like her or her opposite.

In any case, it’s too exhausting and you will always feel that you are three in the relationship.

6. He is too much in need

He is counting on you for everything. Whatever the situation, he is counting on you to solve it. He needs you to reassure him that everything is going to be fine.

He needs someone who will stimulate his fragile ego all the time because he does not trust him and his abilities.

Soon you will feel like his cheerleader and not like his girlfriend.

You may also run out of support because he will be too focused on his needs to take care of yours.

You will spend days and nights hearing about his useless dramas. But when it comes to listening to you, it will not be found.

7. He has a false complex of savior

He claims to be your knight in armor, while in reality he finds your bad days comforting.

Your misfortune lets him know that he is not so bad after all because there is always worse.

He puts aside his own problems and takes care of his wife’s problems, which makes him more manly, more powerful and stronger in the process.

His intentions are not pure. His heart is not in the right place. He is not there to help, he is there to make things worse.

This is why a woman who meets a predator of sorts, should run as fast as she can and as far as possible.

8. He is too jealous

Not only is he immature, but he is also deeply anxious. That’s why he’s jealous of all those around you.

He will be on your heels all the time and he will want to know your every move. He could also use other women to provoke your jealousy.

If he was really confident and mature, he would not have to go to so much trouble to provoke a reaction and confirm that you have feelings for him.

Relationships with people who are too jealous can be really stifling.

You will feel trapped inside the relationship and this will end up making you unhappy.

Jealousy is one of the main characteristics of an emotionally immature man; he just does not trust him and so does not trust you.

Making you jealous really feels immaturity. A mature and confident man would never resort to such unnecessary games.

9. He avoids all serious subjects

In general, immature men do not have real communication skills.

Everything is fun and fun and the conversation goes smoothly until the subjects get a little more serious.

He can not handle an open and honest conversation. If he does not want to listen to you, how will he know what’s going on in your head?

How will he know that something is bothering you? Or even how will you know something is bothering him if he does not talk about it?

The truth is that he will not be able to know it, neither will you.

Communication is the key to a good relationship and that is what keeps it alive and improves it, especially when it comes to a romantic relationship.

Unfortunately, he is too immature to know it – that’s why your relationship will be stagnant and will never change.

10. He never takes responsibility for anything

He is never the one to be guilty of, and his way of doing things is always good.

A man who does not take responsibility for his actions and can not listen to or recognize the opinions of others is downright immature.

With him, there will be no future. He prefers to play the victim by far rather than admit that he has done something wrong.

Everything will always be your fault and it is you who will be to blame.

An immature man will never admit that he has done something wrong and you will almost never hear him say, “I’m sorry.”

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