We all want a stable relationship. But sometimes we are not lucky and we do not get that perfect guy from our dreams. That’s why they are dreams. We dream of the ideal, and then we are disappointed with reality. And this is not counting the fact that in principle it is difficult for women to understand men. Men are different. They have other interests. Sometimes they just need to escape to their cave away from everyone – sometimes temporarily, and sometimes forever. Women are more emotionally weak. And this often provokes a man to run away. A woman thinks that this means that he no longer wants her. Maybe so. But then it’s even better to let him go than to make him stay. Just because he decided to leave does not mean that you are bad. It’s just that you probably don’t suit him.

Maybe at the beginning, you both thought that you would succeed. But it soon turned out that this was not so. Maybe you are both unhappy, maybe only one of you. In any case, if your man wants to leave, think not about what is wrong with you. Think about what he needs and what you should give it to him.

After that, better think about how to maintain emotional stability. Do not close, do not get depressed – your life is not over. On the contrary: now you are on your own and must take care of yourself.

Believe that this happened for the better, and time will prove it.

Relax and get distracted. Think about your greater destiny.

Start doing what you love yourself. It will distract you too.

Take a walk with friends and laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. Let yourself cry, but don’t get depressed. Spend time with loved ones.


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