I wanted to love you – but you wanted to destroy me!

I wanted to love you. I wanted to give you my heart without thinking twice, and all you did was hurt me like no one before. You shouldn’t have done that. You shouldn’t have been with me if you didn’t know what you wanted. You could have just said no.

Instead, you were the one who followed me. You were the one who wanted to be with me. Why? Was I just a game for you? Was I just a victim until something better came?

Well, my darling, I guess I was nothing more than that to you. I still remember the day you silly tried to conquer me with the funniest sentence I’ve ever heard. I immediately liked you. I thought you were different from the other men.

And in the beginning you were too. You were special. I had never met someone like you before. And that was why I fell in love with you so quickly. You seduced me within a few days, but I thought you felt the same. We had so much fun together. We laughed, we fought, we cried. It was a wonderful relationship that could have lasted forever. Why did you have to ruin it? Why?

I still mourn the beautiful moments that we have had together, even now that you have hurt me. No matter what happened between us, I’ll always appreciate what we had, even if you ruined it so quickly.

You destroyed me the moment you looked at her. You didn’t know what’s next, or maybe you did … but I want to believe that I meant so much to you that you didn’t forget me the moment you saw this pretty girl.

You destroyed me bit by bit, with every kiss you gave her. You destroyed me with every lie you made up to cover up the fact that you were with her. You destroyed me with every kiss and every promise you gave her.

And I was the one who made promises and gave passionate kisses. I was the one who should be yours forever. But, you screwed it up and felt sorry for it afterwards. But imagine. I don’t care about the butt now that you’re sorry. I don’t care. I can find the strength to forgive you, but I will never forget what you did to me.

After I found out that you were together, you wanted to do everything to get me back. You told me that you left her, you cried, begged me on your knees to take you back, and assured me that you made a big mistake. You said that you didn’t know what you had, and you didn’t know how to appreciate it. That’s true, but it doesn’t make it any better now.

I wanted to love you, but you just wanted to destroy me.

I was hurt and broken. And you were responsible for that. You have to cope with it now.

I wanted to be with you again. I wanted to forget everything and pretend nothing had happened, but I couldn’t. Because you crossed the line.

You made a fool of me. You just used me and stole my heart, chewed it up and spat it out like chewing gum.

You destroyed me the moment you treated me like I was your biggest enemy. As if we weren’t even strangers, but sworn enemies.

Nobody leaves his love alone and broken. Nobody causes his love the pain you inflicted on me. Nobody lies to their love to cover up their sins. The fact is that you destroyed me because you weren’t my love. I gave you everything and you gave me nothing back.

You destroyed me because you acted as if I meant nothing to you. You destroyed me because you forgot what we went through. You destroyed me because I was no longer your love, hope or future, even though you promised me that we would stay together forever. I believed you and you just lied.

You destroyed me and left me bleeding with the wounds you inflicted on me … and later you wanted to apologize. You wanted to help me heal the wounds you gave me. Isn’t that just cruel? You hurt me and left me alone to think about my pain in the dark. How could it ever occur to you that I could forget it and give you another chance? I’m sorry, but I love my life and myself a little more now than before.

You destroyed me and brought me into a state I wasn’t proud of. I used alcohol and drugs to numb myself and keep myself from thinking about you and what you did to me. In this state, I was faced with my greatest fear, the fear of being alone. And you know what, you helped me when you destroyed me because it was only then that I realized my true worth and that I would rather be alone than be destroyed by an idiot like you.

You destroyed me and I managed to fix myself.

I managed to emerge from the ocean of pain and grief in which you tried to drown me. At the beginning, I was just trying to survive every second of my life. Then I tried to survive every next morning…. and then I did everything.

It’s over – you wanted to destroy me and I wanted to love you – simple! Now it’s time to see who gets what. I know I’ll be fine. I know I’ve had pain and grief with you, but in a way, it’s nice because it made me better and smarter. You don’t need to justify yourself, because karma is bad and you will get what you deserve – very soon. I even feel sorry for you and I don’t want you to suffer as I do.

But maybe you will learn something like me. Maybe your pain will be as beautiful for you as mine will be for me. Who knows…

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