I do not want a fast friend. I do not want a friend with fringe benefits. I do not want a one-night stand. I do not want anything loose.

I want something real. I want someone who ties in with me instead of making clichéed excuses about not being ready for a relationship right now.

I want someone who views me as his first priority rather than a second choice.

I want someone who will make an effort rather than just the bare minimum to keep me close.

I want someone who keeps his promise instead of making empty promises.

I want someone who gives me a reason to stay instead of giving me more and more reasons to leave.

I want someone who introduces me as his girlfriend rather than claim that we are just friends.

I want someone to make plans with me a week in advance, instead of waiting until the last second to see if I’m free.

I want someone to invite me to the movies for dinner and movie dates instead of hiding in his bedroom to watch movies with him.

I want someone who will always be there when I need him instead of just running away without letting me know when he’s coming back.

I want someone to introduce me to his parents and take me home over the holidays rather than send me a mass text saying Merry Christmas as if I meant nothing to him.

I want someone to kiss my lips rather than just on my throat during sex.

I want someone to cuddle with me after we sleep together instead of someone who immediately gets out of bed and disappears.

I want someone who tells me how he feels, rather than sending me mixed signals, that I have to waste my time interpreting.

I want someone who stays true to me instead of flirting with every pretty girl she encounters.

I want someone to give me what I deserve instead of taking something away until there is nothing left.

I do not want to write to someone from morning to night, but never find the time to meet in person. I do not want to flirt with someone as if he were my friend, but never put a label on the relationship. I do not want to spend all my energy on someone, but never get anything back.

I’m tired of modern dates that do not really date. I’m tired of hoping and getting disappointed in the end. I do not waste my time with people who mean a lot to me, while I mean nothing to them.

I do not want a one-sided relationship that is unbalanced. I do not want a relationship that never leads anywhere. I want a real relationship. A relationship in which I am respected. A relationship in which love and affection are given to me.

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