I Promise You That You Will Find A Better Man Than The One Who Broke You


What hurts us most is when a person knows exactly what you have gone through, promises to be different and ends up hurting you anyway.

It makes you want to drop everything, does not it? We end up wondering if we will eventually find someone who knows how to love us.

Before giving up, you should perhaps try to drop everything that drives you to give up. You do not need this negativity in life. So, forget it.

It may not be easy and you may not know how, but the truth behind all this is that the world will not stop spinning because of your depression.

There is nothing wrong with you. It was just a bad guy, a bad situation, a heartache you did not deserve and that’s the whole philosophy.

It would be cool not to pay him more attention than he deserves, but it’s impossible. Because it hurts.

There are plenty of fish in the sea and you’ve been wrong hook. You did not have the chance to eat it because it bit you before.

But you have to let him go back to his place. You must heal your wounds first, and not jump into direct water afterwards.

He never paused in his life for you – why then hold your breath for him?

He has hurt you, he has lied to you, he has broken you and his promises, and he still has a hold on you. Why do you give him so much power?

I promise you there are men who are worthy of your love. There is a man who will love you, even your broken part, and who will not care about your scars. There is a man who deserves a chance, and it would be a sin to abandon him now.

You may not know it, be afraid of the future, or be too tired to give someone a chance.

And it does not matter. But what is wrong is to continue to be afraid forever.

Take all the time you need to heal. Take all your time to hate the one who broke you and give you time to heal.

Give yourself time to recover from him and thank him for showing you how not to be loved. Because now you know how the good will love you.

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