I never thought I would say that. I never thought that I would see the good and the right in your farewell. But now everything makes sense. Thank you so much – thank you.

Thank you for giving me up. You taught me how to survive alone. You forced me to find myself without you. I started to question everything that you hated and felt like I was not good enough to learn how to love all those things that make no sense to you, and hugged who I am. I was too harsh and too strict to myself that I forgot how to be soft, how to be friendly, how to be human.

Thanks for lying to me. You’ve taught me that no matter how honest and honest you can be, people can still lie. People will not reciprocate this kind of honesty if it does not serve them well.

You’ve taught me that some people can fake love, but also entire relationships just to keep the other person within their reach. To get the attention they want. For someone to caress their ego when it is hurt.

Thank you for putting yourself first. You have urged me to do the same. You forced me to favour myself and my life. You taught me to choose myself because you left me nothing but heartbreak and emptiness.

It was the wrong decision to choose you. When I chose you, I gave up so many wonderful opportunities that I may never get back. When I chose you, I realized that I did not want to be a second choice, an option or a placeholder. Thank you for not choosing me because you taught me never to let someone define my value again.

Thank you for not fighting for me as I fought for you. You have taught me that fighting for things that are not meant for me is nothing but a waste of time and energy. You’ve taught me that trying to convince someone to love you will never work in life.

You have taught me that, if it is right, both hearts will open and move. It will be easy. It will be less complicated. But you also taught me that it is impossible to change someone’s heart. You can not force love.

Thank you for letting me go because you gave me the chance to know exactly what I want and what kind of love I really need. You have made room so that someone can come along better. You have taught me how important self-love is and how it protects me from people like you. Thank you for letting me go because you made me cling to the only person I really need in my life – me.


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