“Why would a relationship mean committing to life? Expect someone who won’t let you miss even a second of life, who will challenge you and push you towards your dreams. Someone spontaneous with whom you can get lost in the world. A relationship with the right person is relaxation, not restriction. “This is my promise, as long as you stay by my side, your life will remain yours and yours alone.

I have never thought of true love as a person who stands by your side at all times of the day, but who is free and encouraged to pursue his passions and share his victories and his triumphs. If you have to run away, pack your bags and go, send me a postcard or, if you don’t want it, just rely on you. If you have to sacrifice some of our time to get the job of your dreams, keep going, good luck. You will always have my understanding and my support.

I do not feel the need to limit myself to feel more secure. And I will never be pathetic enough to perceive your successes as a threat to your commitment to me or to our relationship, but rather as a manifestation of the powerful impact of our mutual love on each of our lives. I believe that many of us have said that we have compromised this shared and illogical fear that if we did not impose, we would inevitably lose ourselves for something more electrifying. This is not what I want for us. I will never ask you to sacrifice something in exchange for my heart. And if you feel the need to flee, I’ll let you go.

My priority is our happiness, that’s all. I would like each of us to lead an electrifying and satisfying life individually and achieve and achieve all that we have set for ourselves. Little possessiveness is an aimless poison and I will never allow it to contaminate our love or the joys of life. I promise to always respect your strength, knowing that you don’t need my help to fight, but if you ask me, you can trust me, I’ll be there. I promise that you will never have to plan your outings, just to spend an evening with your friends. Your friendships are an integral part of your health, just like our love, and will never be overshadowed or give the impression of competing with me for the privilege of your company. We are independent together. We are close to each other by necessity and not by obligation. We stay together not only because we are committed, but also because we choose every day.

Our union is not the end of your story, it is only the beginning of the most beautiful chapter. So keep writing your story. Be the daring, carefree and rebellious person I fell in love with for the first time. I don’t have to be the centre of your world, I just want to share mine with you.


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