It seems so easy and so uncomplicated, just love hard and everything will work out. Just do your best. Just do not hold anything back. Be brave. Be vulnerable. And everything will work for you.

But you know that sometimes is not always the case. Because sometimes you can love someone with everything you have and still be wrong. Sometimes it does not work.

So why are we taking these risks? Why risk heartbreak and tears and sleepless nights when we know we can do it all wrong?

Because on the other side of the denial, on the other side of this moment one wonders if one should say something, there comes valour from within that allows one to continue with words that one might perhaps regret. But below the surface is hope. Below the surface, one wonders if these intense feelings that one has can be reciprocated?

So you risk it and decide on it. For the regret that we have in life does not refer to the words we say, but to the words that we repress and keep asking ourselves what if.

If you do not love me or feel different, that’s one thing. But there is something that tells me that it could be something special. I feel the need to blindly trust you and hold on to you. I can not just walk without giving my best.

I know that you felt it too. The intense exchange of views where your heartbeat as fast as mine. I could hear your heartbeat while I lay next to you. It was not just kissing in the game, it was the right kisses. And every moment we were together, I wanted to know if you wanted to freeze time, like me. As if we were alone in the world.

I am not someone who asks for attention or implores or seeks attention. But this could be something special. It could be something great. I know that you are as scared as I am. I know that many things can go wrong. I know you do not want to get hurt … again. Neither do I.

But somehow I believe in you, in us. There’s that feeling in me that’s my only guide.

I can not force you to love me. I can not make you feel things. I can not force anything if it is not there. But I think you know it too. And I think that’s why it’s as scary as it is.

Because the only thing that is even more frightening than doing everything wrong is to do the right thing and suddenly have “something to lose”.

Maybe you are not ready to take the first step or admit what is so obvious that we could be “something”. But here I stand before you and ask you to take the opportunity and to love me.

Because I’ll do my best. I will love you as others have not. I always show you what you have earned. Because you deserve the best. You deserve someone who loves you as much as he can. You deserve someone who makes your life better and more beautiful. I want to be this person.

So I ask you while I sit here and pour out my heart.

Take me. Choose Me. Love me.

Because I chose you. I choose you among all the many people who are in my presence. Because sometimes you only need one person to change your beliefs. Love me, because I think even if you break my heart, I will love you with every broken piece.

I do not want to be the only one who wants “this thing”. I want us both ready.

I have no intention of hurting you. I have no intention of withdrawing. Count me in. But if you are not, if you go on alone, I start with a thank you.

Thank you for teaching me that this heart can beat again, even if it’s a bit broken. I can not promise you the whole heart, but I can promise you to love you with every broken piece.

“I could make you happy, make your dreams come true. Nothing that I would not do. Go to the ends of the Earth for you, To make you feel my love. “- Adele


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