I am not perfect. There will be times when I will shut myself up. When I pretend that I am fine. If I do not want to talk about what’s close to my heart and what bothers me. If I set you off on the sidelines and pretend I could survive alone.

But I will try to remember that we are a team. That you will not judge me. That you want to hear how I feel. That my wild feelings will never push you away and only bring us closer together.

I am not perfect.

There will be times when I become jealous. When I feel insecure. If I wish I looked different. If I wonder if you wish you were with someone else.

But I will do my best not to let my imperfections out on you. I will try my best to trust you. I will not snoop through your things or blame you for betraying me if I have no reason to.

I will remember that I can count on you and that you are someone who stays true to me.


There will be times when I want to hibernate instead of leaving the house. If I want to stay in pyjamas all day and want to sleep. If the last thing I want to do is socialize.

I am not perfect.

But I will do my best to deal with your friends and family. I will try to plan our appointments so that we are not always in front of the TV. I will not cancel the plans at the last minute unless it’s an emergency. I will not disappoint you, unless I have no choice.

There will be times when I will overreact to stupid things. When I start the theatre by accident. If I yell at you for no reason. If we get into a dispute that could have been avoided.

But I will try to treat you with respect, even if I’m mad at you. I will not pretend that you are the enemy. I will not say any evil things that I will regret in the morning. I will make a compromise with you. I’ll talk to you like an adult because you deserve that.

There will be times when I’m going to freak out about the future. If I’m worried that we’ll break up someday. When I think that you leave me out of the blue. If I’m reluctant to say that I love you or want to move in with you because I’m afraid of getting hurt in the end.

But I will try to remind myself that although all my previous relationships have failed, the same thing does not have to happen again. We have the potential to succeed. We have the potential to last a lifetime.

And that’s why I’ll do my best to treat you properly. I may not be perfect, but I will do my best to be the friend you deserve …


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