How Your Ruling Planet Influences Your Zodiac Sign

Your Ruling Planet

How Your Ruling Planet Influences Your Zodiac Sign

I don’t know if you knew that each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac is linked to a star or planet in the Solar System. Each sign has its strengths and weaknesses. The ruling planet of each sign is neither more nor less than the origin or source of all that. Therefore, it is important to know the power that each planet has and the effect it has on us. Most signs are ruled by planets, except Leo which is ruled by the sun, and Cancer by the Moon but astrologically they are also called planets. Although the Sun is a star and the Moon a satellite. In this article, we are going to show you how your ruling planet influences your zodiac sign.

Only one or two planets can govern our sign, but don’t forget that the movement of EVERYONE affects us. If you have analyzed or if you are interested in the subject of astral charts, you will know the importance of the position of all the planets on the day you were born. Keep reading to find out what your ruling planet is and how it affects you:

Aries ruling star: Mars

It is not pure coincidence that the red planet Mars is related to the powerful, strong, and feisty Aries. Mars is the planet of passion, competitiveness, ambition, drive, and animal instinct. That makes Aries a sign of unstoppable energy. Mars makes Aries such a passionate person in every way, both in love and in his day to day. Aries is a sign that loves everything that has to do with authority, with being the boss and all that, and is influenced by Mars. In Roman mythology, Mars is considered the god of war. If you’re an Aries, thank your ruling planet for always helping you come first.

Taurus ruling star: Venus

As you probably already know, Venus is the planet of love, but it is also closely related to beauty, pleasure, family, luxury, and money. Taurus is a sign that is moved by the beauty of things, and to be honest, it is someone to whom money gives a lot of security. Taurus also shares the ruling star with Libra, but it governs each one in a different way. Venus makes the bull someone super sensual and an expert in the art of love. He has a special tact when it comes to dealing with others, he knows how to communicate, and how to make his words soft but sincere. In Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of love. If you are a Taurus, thank Venus for your good taste, your elegance, and your poise.

Gemini’s ruling star: Mercury

Mercury is the planet of communication and thought, and with that, it helps you to realize how it influences Gemini. Their curious nature and the desire to learn new things about Gemini come from his ruling planet. Mercury makes Gemini adept at thinking and analyzing things. He shares the ruling planet with Virgo as well, but it affects each of them in a different way. All the people ruled by Mercury are characterized by being very smart, they are not afraid to throw themselves into anything and they are great at improvising. Gemini always says everything he thinks, he has the gift of speech and all this is due to the influence of Mercury. In Roman mythology, Mercury was a messenger of the gods. If you are a Gemini, thank Mercury for the ingenuity he has given you.

Cancer ruling body: the Moon

The Moon is the star, the satellite, which governs our emotions and feelings. It is related to the way we process our feelings. In addition, the Moon has always been very close to femininity, motherhood, and empathy. Cancer is a sign very close to your emotions. Everyone knows how sensitive Cancer is. He is a super intuitive person with a super-developed sixth sense and that is due to the influence of the Moon. Cancer cares a lot about his family, his people. One of his dreams is to start a family. Being ruled by the Moon, Cancer is always in touch with his inner self and usually has no problem showing his feelings. If you are a Cancer, you have the Moon to thank for always keeping you in touch with your emotions.

Leo’s ruling body: the Sun

Leo is the sign that shines the brightest in the entire Zodiac and that is due to its relationship with the Sun. It is the star that is in the center of our solar system. We all revolve around him. Leos love to be the center of attention and here’s why. It is a sign that transmits a very special vibe. When you are next to him, you can feel the warmth and passion with which he moves through the world. Leo brings positivity in the lives of others similar to the light of the Sun when it illuminates the days. The Sun is the star of energy, of vitality, of power and that is why Leo is what it is… If you are a Leo, give thanks to the Sun for that energy that it gives you to face each day of your life with such strength.

Virgo’s ruling star: Mercury

Virgo shares the ruling planet with Gemini. Mercury is the planet of communication and thoughts. While the communication side affects Gemini more, the thought side is more manifested in Virgo. It is a sign that pays a lot of attention to all the details, is a perfectionist, and is very practical. He is a person who has no problem helping others, but he is never going to let anyone tell him what to do. He is independent but delivered on his own. In Roman mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the gods and that makes them someone sincere and direct. If you are a Virgo, you will notice the influence of Virgo in your ability to keep everything in order and free from bad vibes.

Libra’s ruling star: Venus

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, pleasure… It shares the ruling planet with Taurus, but it does not affect it in the same way. In Libra, it directly affects your most romantic, sweet, and affectionate side. Those born under the Libra sign are people who do everything possible throughout their lives to find love. Not a normal love, but a true love based on respect. Venus is to blame for Libra being such an attractive person with such a special glow. She also makes her a lover of everything related to beauty, art, or pleasure. Libra is a sign with great taste in everything. If you are a Libra, your most social, charming, and infatuated side is marked by your ruling planet.

Scorpio’s ruling star: Pluto

Pluto is one of the smallest signs in the solar system. At the same time, it is the farthest from the earth and, therefore, the most mysterious. Scorpio is not ruled by Pluto alone but is also ruled by Mars. Pluto is the god of the underworld in Roman mythology and Mars is the god of war. Now do you understand everything? Pluto makes Scorpio such a mysterious sign, making it so connected with the world of the subconscious. All this, mixed with the strength and power that Mars gives him, makes Scorpio someone very intense and dark. Scorpio is a very calculating person who strategically plans all the movements throughout his life. If you are a Scorpio, thank your ruling planets for the power they have given you.

Sagittarius ruling star: Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of growth, good luck, maturity, of abundance. All of Jupiter’s energy is reflected in Sagittarius in that optimistic character, in his free spirit, and in his constant desire to conquer the world. Sagittarius is a person who always wants to learn, to learn new things, and to make friends. He is not a person who is afraid of leaving his comfort zone and facing the unknown, because he knows that it will make him grow. Sagittarius is a person who is always willing to live new adventures. There is no other zodiac sign as brave as him. If you are a Sagittarius, thank Jupiter for the desire that he gives you to eat the world.

Capricorn’s ruling star: Saturn

Saturn is the planet of time, tradition, and also of melancholy and nostalgia. Thanks to this, Capricorn is a very patient sign, who takes advantage of the time to improve himself and to be much stronger. He is a very disciplined person and thanks to this he makes his life quite successful. Capricorn is a sign that does everything related to business or money especially well. Saturn teaches Capricorn to face his fears and his responsibilities. Saturn is the one who gives Capricorn all the necessary discipline to carry out his dream goals. If you are a Capricorn, thank Saturn for helping you to be so strong and firm with your ideas and your dreams.

Aquarius ruling star: Uranus

Uranus is the planet of change, of revolution, of the original, of the unpredictable. Those words could perfectly define Aquarius. It is a sign that always goes upside down in the world and transmits a very revolutionary energy. He never listens to what others tell him. He constantly seeks to break with the traditional, with what society has imposed on him for years. But not only Uranus rules Aquarius, before Uranus was associated with Aquarius as his ruler he was sharing Saturn with Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of time, of challenges, which also defines Aquarius very well. If you’re an Aquarius, thank your planets for making you such a smart-minded person.

Pisces ruling star: Neptune

Neptune is the planet of illusions, of the spiritual, of dreams. It is also related to empathy and what unites us with others. Pisces is a very emotional and spiritual sign and all this is due to the influence of Neptune. It also helps you to be so creative and in touch with the world of dreams. Before Neptune was associated with Pisces as its ruler, it was ruled by Jupiter, a planet of curiosity and growth. Jupiter is who makes Pisces a sign with such a noble and educated heart. Pisces has a huge imagination and loves to dream, but he becomes very susceptible as soon as someone does him the slightest harm. If you are a Pisces, thank your ruling planets for that special creativity they have given you.

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