Aries, from February 7 to early March, Venus will travel to your first home, making you feel great. This is when you will appear most attractive to others. Your governing planet, Mars, will be under your sign from June 29 to January 6, 2021, so it will be an intense period for you. A brief retrograde cycle of Mars between September 9 and November 13 could change that. But expect to expand your social network from June to January 2021. If you’re open to it, you might even meet someone special. If you are single, the best time to meet someone will be between mid-August and September, as the New August Moon and Venus in your fifth love house will work for you.If you were born between 9 and April 18, relationships could be a source of problems because of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn who are in a difficult situation with your Sun. If you decide to end a relationship, ask yourself if that’s what you want in the long term. If your relationship resists this year, it will emerge even stronger.


If you were born between April 22 and April 30, Uranus could bring someone new and exciting to your life. However, there is no guarantee that it will be permanent because Uranus can be a bit like a joker. Sometimes there can be a sudden change in lifestyle and you may want to try your luck with someone completely different. Just know that the change is in the air and you might be attracted to people who are not usually your style. If you are a couple and were born between May 11 and May 20, expect more stability with your partner. If you’re single, you may be able to reconnect with someone from the past. March will be a lucky month in love with Venus in Taurus. You will feel good and you may want to go out and meet new people. With Mars in Capricorn, another sign of the earth, it will be a good combination for romance. The full moon of March 9 will also fall in your fifth house of love and romance.


The year 2020 may not be the most important year for love, but that doesn’t mean that nothing will happen in your life. Jupiter will be an intimate and passionate business with you so that your romantic relationship can be stimulated. If you’re single, you might meet someone you really like, but it might just be a passing love. April could be an important month for you as Venus will go through your sign. You can feel magnetic and naturally attract people to you. The full moon in Libra on April 8 will fall in your fifth house of love, so take advantage of it. Venus will become retrograde in 2020 and will remain in Gemini until August 6, which could really help you in the realm of love. From May 13 to June 25, relationships could evolve or end. You could even reconnect with an ex or an old adventure. When Venus becomes direct again on June 25, this will give you a new positive momentum until early August.


Of all the signs of the zodiac, you are more likely to enter into a relationship in 2020 or to end a long-term relationship that is no longer suitable for you. Jupiter will run through your seventh partnership and marriage house until December 19, offering you the potential for a long-term relationship in 2020. The eclipses will fall in your partnership house on June 21 and July 5, so in a way or another, you will focus on relationships throughout the year. Venus will be under your sign from August 8 to September 6, making you more social and magnetic. On September 2, a Pisces moon will fall in your fifth love house, increasing your chances of meeting a special person.


For Lions born between July 25 and August 3, existing or new relationships will be tested because Uranus, the planet of unexpected events, will form a difficult square with your Sun. This could create tension in a relationship or end a relationship unexpectedly. Alternatively, it could bring someone new. But the new relationships that start during the transit of Uranus can end as quickly as they started and will have to stand the test of time. Venus will cross your sign, making you more magnetic for others from September 7 to October 2. Mars will be in Aries, which could bring you good things. But it will become retrograde from September 9 to November 14, which could change relations.


Virgo, you will have a very good opportunity in the affairs of the heart in 2020 while Saturn, Pluto and Capricorn will go through your fifth house of love and romance. You should have completely clear ideas about what you want. On March 9, a powerful full moon in Virgo will also bring you new opportunities to meet a new person or take an existing relationship to the next level. Jupiter, the planet of gain and expansion, will be in trine with your Sun. It could bring you an exciting new relationship this year. This only happens once every 12 years, so take advantage of it. Saturn will also be in a pleasant trine with your Sun, so any relationship you start should experience some stability. Pluto in trine with your Sun will also bring new and powerful changes to your love life. You might even consider starting a family if that’s what you want.


Libra, 2020 may not be the best year for you in terms of love. But you will have the opportunity to meet someone new or to make changes to your current relationship. Mars will be in your fifth love home from March 31 to May 12 and will create opportunities to socialize and meet new people. When Mars becomes retrograde from early September to mid-November, there could be friction with your partner or any new relationship. When Saturn and Pluto are in harmony with your Sun, relationship problems can arise or you can choose to end a relationship.


If you were born between October 26 and November 3, Uranus will oppose your Sun this year in your partnership sector. Uranus will speak of an unexpected and sudden change. Your relationship can be weakened if you are in a relationship, which could even lead to separation. If you are single and you meet a new person, expect things to change slowly. You may not get the commitment you want until next year, but if you were born between November 12 and November 21, you are more likely to have a lasting relationship in 2020. Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter will form a pleasant sextile for your Sun, so you should have more clarity and stability in love and relationships. For Scorpions born between November 8 and 12, 2020 will be a happy year for love. Neptune will be in your fifth home of love and will be able to bring you an ideal partner. For those looking for love, the right time to do so will be from late November to mid-December. It will be a good time to meet someone new or to evolve in an already existing relationship.


Finding love will be a goal for you throughout this New Year. Mars will pass through your fifth love house from July 1 to January 6, 2021, increasing your chances of meeting love. During the March retrograde cycle from September 9 to November 14, relationships may feel strained, but if the relationship is always strong when Mars becomes direct again, the relationship should be fluid from there. From February 8 to March 5, Venus will move into your fifth home of love, which will further increase your chances of romance and harmony.


Capricorn, Jupiter will be under your sign in 2020, so you should be in an optimistic state of mind throughout the year. Relationships will be the centre of attention this year, as the four eclipses that will occur between December 26, 2019, and August 2020 will fall in the relationship domain of your theme. March will also offer you good potential when Venus is in your fifth love house. This period will therefore also be favourable to meet someone new or there could be more romance and fun in a current relationship.


Aquarius, during the first fortnight of January, Venus will move in your sign. It will be a good time for love, you could attract new people or spice up an already existing relationship. On April 5, Venus will enter your fifth love house and stay there until early August; however, be careful when Venus enters the retrograde cycle from May 13 to June 25. If your relationship is not strong, it could suddenly end. But if your relationship has a solid foundation, the challenges will help you strengthen your relationship.


Pisces, the new year should be very romantic for you because Neptune will be in your sign. You could meet a new love or take your relationship to the next level when the lunar eclipse falls in your fifth love house on January 10. It will then be followed by a solar eclipse on June 21, which highlights what we will need to focus on during the year. As it will happen in your fifth house, you will be able to focus not only on love but also on friendships and children. On August 8, Venus will enter your love sector with a new moon in the same place on August 20. This moment will be conducive to love. With Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in a nice sextile with your Sun,


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