How Your Heart Will Heal According To Your Zodiac Sign

Loving is not about finding a complement, it is finding someone who accepts the relief of your scars. It is looking at that person and feeling peace, the one that puts patients first, does not pressure you, allows you to trust again little by little. There are loves that shake you so hard that you don’t want to try again, it terrifies you to know that there are beings that are just waiting to know your vulnerable side to wear you down in a deep way. However, there are other loves, the brave ones, those who dare to heal your heart and each zodiac sign live it in its own way. Here’s how your heart will heal based on your zodiac sign:


Aries, you are a bold, adventurous soul, even after a broken heart you do not lose hope, there is a light inside you that always keeps going. It is not easy to lean into the lap of the first person who appears in your path. Now you have become more stealthy. That person who will make you forget all your cracks is someone who fills you with adrenaline, who takes you by the hand to show you how much every moment is still worth. He is the one who is not afraid to remind you how beautiful your smile and the way your gaze captivates.


Taurus, after a bad streak you become an expert in closing doors, you are not interested in being ripped apart again. There comes a point where you feel comfortable, you become a lover of your loneliness and it is almost impossible for you to let someone else into your heart. However, the right person will arrive, the one who honors the compassion and fills you with hope. That persistent soul will heal you, the one that listens to you, the one that does not minimize the hard process you are going through. Someone who is not afraid to see your pain and help you get better.


Gemini, no matter how hard you try, there is a part of you that turns sour after disappointment. That’s when your seemingly selfish part kicks in, when you don’t understand reasons, when you let opportunities pass because you’re afraid. However, someone will come to give you back, who is capable of showing you that the world can be at your feet if you want it to. You know that life has a lot of love ready for you, but you need to be reassured that everything is fine. Here’s how you can stop being so skeptical.


Cancer you are the sign that even after living the pain in body and soul, you have the cynicism to smile. And it is that life has taught you that there are times when you do not understand reasons and only want to see you brave, but … love after a betrayal makes you insecure. There comes a point where you feel like everything is suffocating you, you are trying to heal and it is practically impossible to trust someone again that quickly. How will your heart heal according to your zodiac sign, Cancer? You will change your mind when they show you that they can be unconditional, more than your partner, a companion for life.


Leo is like that, reckless, sometimes it seems that nothing affects him, that he has the world’s attention and that is enough. But behind such a secure soul hides someone who can no longer handle so many fears. He is too understanding but after a broken heart he decides to close his empathic side for a while. For Leo to trust again it takes a lot of effort on the part of both of them. You will heal when you start to make yourself a priority, when you are able to embrace your self love and regain your self esteem. When the person who admires you arrives and does not let go.


Virgo fights with his own demons, the ones that hurt him every day through his thoughts. They are perfectionists and when something goes wrong in their relationships they feel empty and guilty because they cannot believe that they have invested their days in someone who is worth so little. Virgo is tired of settling for loves for a while, which only absorbs their positive energy. How will your heart heal according to your zodiac sign, Virgo? He will heal when he reaches someone who enlightens him, who is able to help him remember details, when they worry about the simplest and also the complicated, only then will he trust again.


Libra becomes twice as suspicious when someone hurts him, there is a part of his personality that clings to dreams, even if it is hidden. Someone who still believes in love even after so much pain, but needs time to regain the harmony of his soul. Libra seeks balance, hewill begin to heal when that special person recognizes his grief,when he does not minimize the times when tears are present and when they take him by the hand to form the best of teams. It’s about change and support.


Scorpio is the sign that is not here to fulfill anyone’s expectations, much less after having lived through a broken heart. There comes a point where they close down and they just don’t want to try anymore, they don’t trust someone to be able to understand all the whirlwind of emotions in their heart. Scorpio will experience passion and love again, when someone with enough energy arrives in their days to show them that every moment is worth it. A being who is not scared by his ghosts and who can see the beauty of his gaze.


Sagittarius is the one who does not give in, that although life turns gray, he always tries to see the positive side of everything. He is an optimistic soul, he does not take things too seriously for the same reason, because they do not want to end up shattered, although that is impossible, especially when it comes to love. Suddenly his life becomes desolate, it is his dark side trying to make him believe that nothing makes sense anymore. How will your heart heal according to your zodiac sign? Sagittarius will begin to heal when the person is able to fill his heart with joy. Someone who, despite the bitter moments, steals a laugh. 


At first glance, Capricorn may seem like the cruelest person on the planet, who doesn’t care at all about anything, but in reality he is a sweet soul who has learned to put one shell after another so that they do not smash him. He’s very strong, that’s the reason why he seems to be having a good time even though inside he can’t take it anymore. How will your heart heal according to your zodiac sign, Capricorn? It will begin to heal when someone is able to become your escape valve , someone who does not let go. A companion who becomes your confidant, your love, the person who honors patience and goes your way.


Yes, Aquarians are independent, they channel their emotions in an incredible way. But just because they are distant doesn’t mean they don’t experience the pain of a broken heart. Sometimes they lock themselves into their world, refuse to try again, and end up with two lumps in their throats. Aquarius closes his mind, his life, his ideas, that is why it is so difficult to enter the depths of his soul. However, it will begin to heal when someone shows up with empathy, who is able to understand their pain and still does not decide to let go, immerses themselves in their reality.


Pisces is synonymous with impulse, it is the one who clings to his ideals, to the dreams that he hides in his mind. He is romantic and many times he creates his own story, even if that person is not worth a bit. It is not easy to accept that someone only comes into your life to hurt you, how can you trust again? It will begin to do sowhen someone is able to recognize its full potential,when it is pushed instead of criticized. There your heart will have another chance, it will not be easy, at first the tears will get in the way but then everything will get better.


How Your Heart Will Heal According To Your Zodiac Sign

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