How Your Ex Intends To Bitter Your Life According To Your Sign

Have you heard that somewhere in the world your ex is telling someone that you are the cruelest person in this world? No, this is not a joke, there are ex-partners who are not satisfied with all the damage they did to you in the past, they want to continue making your life bitter even if you have already turned the page. Each sign of the zodiac experiences it in a different way … This is how your ex intends to make your life bitter according to his sign:


Your ex has realized that you have the courage to continue, that even if you have lived toxic moments with him, you do not allow your energy to drain and although at first, it was complicated, you learned to be with you, to love yourself, to become like a priority. And that becomes a pain in the liver for your ex because he expected to see you crying and begging, he does not want you to move forward. So it is very likely that he will return to your life promising the sky and the stars. He wants to make you believe that he has not found anyone special, because he already realized that he does not have you in the palm of his hand as before. Of course, that makes your anger skyrocket, because even though you knew how selfish he is, you didn’t think he was capable of so much. Stay firm, even if you have a knot in your stomach, ignore it, because that is what it wants nothing more, to disturb your peace.


Taurus, you know that you have come out of worse, that it took you a lot of work to understand that setting limits is the healthiest thing and that no matter how much you go out of your way for the love of someone, you never have to do less. It has cost you tears, long nights of reflection, and changes that you have made little by little. Now you know that you owe yourself all the admiration in the world because you have had the courage and patience to uproot that toxic relationship and it’s over. You are not going to tolerate your ex feeling entitled to come and go in your life as if you are worthless. Now he will try to fill you with bitterness by making you believe that he is having a great time, that breaking up with you was the best decision. Please don’t fall for his game, he just wants to hurt your ego, an old reverse psychology tactic, so that you end up again engulfed in the poison of his hugs.


As long as they don’t mess with you, you can be the sweetest and funniest soul on this planet. But … beware of that ex who tries to make life bitter for a Gemini, because he is really going to open the door of uncontrolled anger. For you Geminis, it is difficult to end a relationship, even when you are the one who makes the decision because in general you are not one of those who surrenders to the first and when it fails for some reason it is very difficult to live the duel, but not impossible. It is not fair that after so much pain your ex appears with his pretty face and also demanding rights that no longer correspond to him. Be clear that from the moment the relationship ended you do not owe him an account of anything and do not fall into his game, because he will pretend to be your friend and then start claiming you for your new relationships. Fortunately, now you have the grace to stop it, bye-bye!


Cancer, the difference between you and the rest is that even if you die of fear, you keep moving forward. The truth is that your sensitivity does not get along very well with breakups, because they shake you to the depths, so much so that many times you have thought that you are not going to achieve it, but there is a resilient part of you that clings to life. After you get over the stage of anger, you are ready to put an end to it and let karma do its thing. However, there are ex-partners who turn a stone in their shoes, those who appear even in the soup and do not understand that you no longer love them in your life. Since you are so determined, your ex will have no choice but to start getting involved in your circle, he’s so eager to get the attention that he’s going to pretend your friends matter to him just so you don’t forget about them. Don’t pay attention to it, pretend it doesn’t exist and you enjoy it, there will come a time when it leaves because of so much discomfort.


Leo, you have that firm touch that does not accept the ups and downs in relationships, if they want to get out of your life the door is too big, but don’t even try to come back because they are going to find a huge wall protecting your emotions. You know it took a lot of work to say no more because your stubborn part many times came to believe that it could change, that they could save the relationship because you are not one of those who throws everything away overnight. However, you understood that there are those who do not deserve another chance and now all you want is to stay away from so much toxicity. It is very possible that your ex will come back to your life saying that he loves you madly, who wants another chance, but … be careful because a night under the covers can cost you your emotional stability. Trust me it’s not worth it.


Virgo, when your ex goes back to your days, remember who you are. Remember that you are here to choose, not to be given the leftovers. Remember that you are smart, practical and that you like to analyze the situation before making a decision. Don’t let your physical impulses decide for you, because your ex will find a way to sneak up on your life. He knows that you are a person who says what he feels and that it is not difficult for him to set limits, so it is very possible that he will appear in your life little by little. It is very likely that out of nowhere it will start to be present on your social networks, commenting and reacting to everything you post. In addition, he will begin to frequent places where he knows he will find you. Do not fall for his game, it is not a coincidence, it is his plan and what he seeks is to cause discomfort. Take advantage, to go out to new places and meet more people.


Libra, the problem with having an ex is that he somehow already knows your weak points. Know that there are times when anxiety, existential crises, and indecision take over your days. Also, you have a huge heart, too much for people who don’t even deserve your attention. You get to a point where you put compassion and empathy first and that’s when the blemishes appear in your life. Your ex will seek to embitter you by pretending to be indispensable. That is, he uses manipulation, he wants you to depend emotionally on his messages, on his calls, he wants to make you see that supposedly no one else will love you the same. Do not let him ruin your life like this, because, in the same way, that he pretends to be when you need him most, he will leave again.


Scorpio, you know that you are like that, transparent, that you prefer a thousand times to be left with no one around you rather than be a hypocrite. You do not lie to yourself and that is the important thing, that is the main reason why an ex will hardly ever shake your world again. The problem is that there are times when your emotions take control and then you can end up giving in. Just remember what happened, take a look at the past, and do not fall for your ex’s networks, because he has already taught you that he has honey on his lips and toxicity in his heart. You deserve something healthy, not having to deal with people who love you today and not tomorrow. Be clear that you do not need to be friends with your ex, that that mask hides something, and that it can leave you with more pain.


Sagittarius, you know that it is enough that you fail once for you to decide to leave. The truth is that you see life so beautiful, that you do not think staying next to someone who only does is cut off the desire you have to fly. Your ex knows that at first, it hurts, that you feel like your heart is shattering, and that you wish it were not true. Yet you have the courage to keep going, to wipe your tears, and get over it. The problem is when your ex decides to become the annoying ghost of your life, the one who feels privileged to continue giving an opinion on your decisions. You need to stop him or his behavior will be obsessive, so much so that he will find a way to fight you. He’s so desperate to spread his toxicity that he doesn’t care how, but he wants you around.


Capricorn, without a doubt, your biggest flaw is to accumulate one resentment after another, until your emotions cannot take it anymore and you end up in a terrible outburst. Of course, your ex knows that at first, you are too patient, that you would rather ignore these types of people than fall into absurd arguments. However, if you don’t make it clear to him that he no longer means anything in your life, he will become quite obsessive. Your ex may not be ready to close the loop and selfishly wants to drag you into his or her little maturity. Do not fall, do not let his presence alter your sense of humor, because he will find a way to appear out of nowhere in your days and take the role of victim. There you do have to touch the subject with caution because if you touch your kind part you can come to believe his blackmail.


Aquarius, fortunately, it is quite difficult for someone to make you excessively angry, but that does not mean that your ex does not have a chance at it. What bothers him the most is your ability to turn the page, you are not a sign that gets hooked, and, although like everyone else, you live the duel, you move on. That former toxic man who does not want to see you happy will appear out of nowhere, supposedly wishing that your life will be beautiful, that all he wants is to see you happy, but at the same time he clings, is present in everything and does not allow you to breathe. What may start out naive can turn out to be annoying. Well, out of nowhere he sends messages saying that he misses moments with you and remembering when they were tremendously happy. Is serious?


Pisces, you know, you are very distracted, but when someone hurts you, you don’t forget it. That does not mean that you wish him badly and you do not have time for grudges, but you need your space. It is true that you have the sweetest heart in the entire zodiac, but that is not synonymous with that you are going to put your dignity on the ground. What you hate the most is having an ex who doesn’t understand that it’s over, they do make your life bitter. Because you want peace, enjoy being single and not having to be accountable to anyone. It is very likely that your ex is not ready to see you happy, not because he loves you, because he is selfish and because he has no idea how to close a cycle. So even if you are a good person, do not give him input, let him manage with his own nails. You have the right to be happy, if he does not forget you it is his problem.


How Your Ex Intends To Bitter Your Life According To Your Sign

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