When did you let your insecurities decide for you? You went from being a person who knew exactly what he wanted, to becoming one who always asks the other to feel confident to take a step. You are ruining your own life because you are letting fear do its thing. You don’t realize that you are letting the good pass before your eyes while you sit idly by. You know you’re not happy in your comfort zone, it’s time to get out of there, let go of the routine and go somewhere where you can grow and learn. Breathe and trust.


How much more? You’ve become the villain of your own story, it seems like you’re looking for the most hurtful way to talk to yourself. You don’t forgive yourself for anything, but when it comes to blaming yourself, you’re an expert. The demands have already reached your neck and you know it, because your life has become a constant stress. You don’t know that you’re wasting your days by going back to the past, you haven’t left your sadness, you’ve just kept it in a corner and you come back to it every time things go wrong. That’s not right, it’s time for you to let go of this malevolent cycle that takes away your shine. Learning to value every day is complicated, but it’s the only way to truly smile. Let it go.


It may be your heart or the humility within it, but it seems like you have a magnet for negative people, the kind that break you down emotionally and walk away like they have nothing. made. How many more scars do you expect to keep accumulating? Fate places you again and again in the same type of person, because it wants you to learn the lesson and understand that next to someone like that you will not find happiness. You’re ruining your own life by giving your best to someone who isn’t worth it. Stop always thinking about the other, your intentions are good, but you sink into carrying responsibilities that are not yours.


If people ask you what you’re doing wrong, it probably won’t take you five minutes to make a huge list, because you’ve become the person who doesn’t feel satisfied with everything they do. It’s okay to have high expectations, no one is telling you to change them, but don’t overdo it. You’re wasting your life being a terrible critic, because you keep telling yourself you’ll never get there. It’s not out of breath, you’re destroying yourself inside and your self-esteem already needs a break. Stop comparing yourself to others, you don’t really know what the other is going through too. Before throwing away your exploits, congratulate your inner child, because he can’t wait to be told that despite everything, he’s doing very well.


You’re an expert at giving, putting others first, the kind of person who would put their hands in the fire for the people they love without thinking twice. That’s how intense you are, because you give your all in affective relationships and that’s good. Others appreciate your loyalty, but what about you? You invest so much in others, but you leave yourself in the last place and it ruins your life. Remember it’s not about being perfect, along the way you will disappoint many, but the important thing is that you don’t put your happiness away. It’s not selfishness, it’s self-love, it’s the pursuit of your well-being in every way. Otherwise, you will not be able to help others.


You got used to everything, don’t ask, don’t demand, don’t share what you’ve been dreaming of for years. It’s not worth having all that pile of desires now just dusty in your mind, because you’re conforming and pretending you’re okay when you’re not. You ruin your own life when you stagnate and normalize it. It’s not that it makes you happy, it’s that you’re afraid to go the other way and things will go wrong. You lower your standards to please others, but it disappoints you and you know it. It’s time for you to take a risk, because you deserve much more than this, please listen to yourself. Give yourself the opportunity to be happy.


How much more? You have reopened the doors of your emotions to people who have already shown you that they have no idea what loyalty is. It’s not healthy for them to use you that way and take advantage of the goodness in you. It’s true, people hurt all the time, but not all of them do it with the intention of breaking you down and then coming back with a cynical smile. You ruin your life every time you give them another chance, because when your wounds barely heal, you reopen them. Please stop hoping that one day they will change, your whole life can be gone. It’s better to leave even if it hurts.


Be very careful, because memorable moments slip away, they won’t come back and maybe tomorrow with little cracks in your skin you will very much regret having given in when you didn’t want to. You ruin your life every time you end it and don’t live fully. Something inside you has made you believe that everything is safe when it is not. It’s not about planning and planning, the real essence of existing is letting go, trying anything and feeling proud the next day. Guilts and regrets just sink you. Remember that every experience is a lesson, but if you continue to ignore them, you will miss many sighs full of happiness.


Yes, it is very uncomfortable, sometimes painful, to accept that unknown paths will not always lead us where we want. However, all the time you are diminishing yourself simply because the one next to you is one step ahead. It is very sad that you have fallen into this absurd idea of ​​competition, when in reality it is a question of improving yourself, of learning, of loving. You ruin your life when you compare yourself and instead of applauding yourself, you assert yourself. You have focused so much on evil that it is even embarrassing to see yourself in the mirror, do you know why? You stare at your ego, eager to stand out without worrying about your true feelings. Do not please him, you are much more than that, work to defeat him and you will notice how everything changes for the better.


Breaks in life are essential, they help us focus on what we want and what we don’t want. It’s good to take the time to heal, to listen to yourself and to let go of the habits that only hinder your progress. However, you are wasting your life every time you give yourself time as an excuse, because in reality you do not want to face a situation, whether bad or good. It just scares you, you don’t want to be the vulnerable person in the story. So leaving became the ideal defense mechanism. It’s time you realize you’re hurting yourself and holding grudges. Don’t run away, life is also downs, but trust them, they won’t last forever.


I read once that if your goal seems too far away, you can smash it, so you go step by step along the way. It’s a question of perspectives, when you’re in the problem, you see it very big and you usually go for the negative, but it’s not always like that. That’s what ruins your life, that you find the bad in everything. It’s not that you’re always smiling or making up your emotions, but you’re not sinking into pain either. You are the only one who can change your life. As much as others love you, take care of you, motivate you, if you don’t want to do it you will stay where you are. However, today is a good day to try it out, start by thanking all you have and don’t complain about what you lack.


Your heart is so big that it should be filled with memories, not grudges. Do not leave room for people who have hurt you, because that only means rupture and bitterness. You ruin your life every time you stir up all these negative emotions and it doesn’t work. You go to great lengths to allow yourself to be overwhelmed in this way. You deserve a good life, remember that the one who forgives is the strongest, he is the one who heals and the one who has the courage to love himself above all else. It’s okay to be cautious and suspicious, but new people aren’t responsible for what you’ve been through in the past. Let it all flow and you will notice that happiness comes without asking.


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