We all have traits in our personality that make us special and different from others. Positive traits are those that make us unique and allow us to live life fully. However, there are also certain traits in us that do just the opposite. They are traits that sabotage us and do not allow us to enjoy what we have. In this article, we talk about how you sabotage yourself according to your sign:


If there is something that characterizes Aries, it is their low self-esteem and the emotional dependence they develop towards those in their inner circle. Low self-esteem makes you take out this arrogant part that is in you. And this is the part that makes others turn away from you. If you want to enjoy good relationships and have a happier life, you must begin to value yourself and work on your self-esteem.


If there is something that characterizes the natives of Taurus, it is their ability to be loyal to all those close to them and those they love. There is no reason why Tauruses would lie or jeopardize their relationships. Therefore, they also want others to be loyal to them. If we take into account that this is not a quality that is in all people, we will understand why Taurus end up so disappointed in life.


Geminis are characterized by having great ease when it comes to speaking. They are great communicators and this very positive quality can also be the most negative. The problems that Geminis usually have is that they talk too much. When they start, they don’t stop. And this leads them to tell things they shouldn’t. For this reason, those born under the sign of Gemini should think things through before speaking.


The trait that makes Cancers sabotage themselves is this jealous part of them. It is possible that there are people who do not mind sharing life with a jealous person, but they do when this trait exceeds certain limits. Cancers cannot control this part of them and it is precisely this part that makes some people walk away from their lives. You must be calmer and give a little more confidence to those closest to you. In this way you will not be so defensive and you will enjoy the people around you more.


Leos need a lot of freedom and not feel trapped in situations. This leads them to seek independence to unhealthy limits. And this independence is what can lead them to be left alone in life. Nobody likes to feel that they do not contribute anything to others and this is the feeling that Leos bring out in others. Those who want to be by your side to share life or experiences will walk away if they feel that they are not needed.


Perfectionism and being so confident are the traits with which Virgos sabotage themselves. Having too much confidence in others leads them to constantly experience disappointments. For this reason, Virgos should be a little more analytical and not believe everything they tell you. You must analyze the facts and not let yourself be carried away only by words. On the other hand, being such a perfectionist can scare those around you a bit, making them feel that they are not good enough.


The ability that Libras have to adapt to others is essential to enjoy pleasant relationships in life. However, this is also the trait with which you sabotage yourself. To adapt to others, you can end up losing yourself. Losing sight of your values ​​and internalizing those of others will lead you to feel inner imbalances.


The strong and dominant character that Scorpio natives have that makes others stay away from them. You are people who do not listen to others and you need to always be right. This causes those who are close to you to move away from you. Also, if you always want to be right about everything, the day you need advice, it is difficult to find a person who speaks to you openly.


What can bring more complications to the natives of Sagittarius is this marked need for fun. It’s good to have fun in life, but there are also times when we need to be serious and responsible. It is important for the natives of this sign to find a balance between these two qualities. If you always show this less responsible part of you, others will not take you into account in those situations that require a more mature attitude.


Working too much and not having much contact with others are traits that do not play in your favor. You have to understand that working is fine, but that you should also dedicate time to friends and hobbies. If you cannot do it, you will end up locked up doing nothing but work and you will not enjoy life.


Wanting space in our lives is fine, but Aquarians can take this need to the extreme. If you drift away from others and don’t learn to share, you will end up alone in your personal space with no one to end up sharing it with. It is crucial that you understand that, in life, there are many things that must be shared in order to enjoy them more. If you open up a little more in this regard, your personal relationships will improve a lot.


The weak point of the Pisces is their need to think everything. Thinking too much will lead you to fall into disappointments and you will have bad times, because no matter how much you want to plan life, it will always surprise you with situations that you had not contemplated. Also, those close to you may get tired of having to plan everything. A little adventure is not bad.

Now, you know some of the traits that can sabotage you from living a happy life. Remember that most of them result in us being alone in life, feeling disappointed or not achieving these personal relationships that nurture us so much as people.



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