How You Deal With A Breakup Vs How You Should Actually Deal With It

Deal With A Breakup

How You Deal With A Breakup Vs How You Should Actually Deal With It

When someone is a spectator it is very easy to say that tomorrow everything will be fine, that the pain does not last forever, and that it is possible to heal. In short, it is worth living each feeling until there is not a single lump in the throat, you should never let someone else decide, no one has the right to minimize the emotions that erupt after a breakup. The zodiac signs keep loving, laughing, and working on themselves, but it hurts. Tell me, how do you handle a breakup vs how should you actually handle it? 


At first, Aries looks very black, his head does not stop wondering what he did wrong and he tries to return, although deep down he knows that nothing is the same anymore. The anguish becomes a constant, it is not easy to wipe away the tears and pretend that everything is fine, her heart breaks into pieces, but it is not a justification for her to humiliate herself. What she should really do is let go of the guilt, and throw away every last memory, especially those that lodge in her heart. Mourning is not necessary, he has to keep walking, learning, and healing along the way. 


The moment Taurus agrees to give their time to someone, it is because they trust that it will be something serious, a lasting love, in which they both support each other, which is why it is so difficult for them to let go. In addition, he values ​​security very much, he gets frustrated at the thought that he will have to start over with someone else and that’s when he becomes bitter. What he should do is stop begging, he was not born to beg anyone, to leave if his love was too great for him. It’s okay to cry, but don’t throw yourself away, life doesn’t stop and there are still many loves to love. 


Undoubtedly, Gemini is very honest with himself, he knows when things fall, but letting go is synonymous with drama and that’s when anger also becomes present. It’s a roller coaster of emotions that he wants to stop, but can’t. Yes, love didn’t work out, but his heart hasn’t withered yet. Besides, the rest of the people are not to blame for the rage that he carries inside. What you should do is block that ex-partner, that’s it, you don’t have to be mortified by people who aren’t worth it. In your support network, you will find calm. 


What happens with Cancer is that when he falls in love, he bets big, that is, he enjoys the moment, that romance that elevates him, but he doesn’t take it for granted. It is a sign that he wants more than appearances, which is why he is so broken when he sees that all his efforts were for nothing. The fear of starting another relationship and being alone makes his mind fill with nonsense. What he should do is take refuge in the people who never let him go, break the shell, and take out all the stored feelings, only then will he start again. 


A part of Leo is disappointed, it is very sad to realize that he gave too much and the other person barely gave him his leftovers. Nobody likes to be the person they leave, it’s like making fun of the ego and that makes the impulsive side of him turn on, the one who reacts like a child and can even think of revenge. Leo loves to fall in love, but it’s not fair for him to cling to the wrong person. What he should do is live the duel without the opinion of third parties, draw his own conclusions, and assimilate that this person will no longer be part of his days, he no longer has to check his networks. 


It’s true when Virgo gets her heart broken, it’s impossible for her to ignore the pros and cons, she loves to be analytical in a deep way, but going into detail isn’t always good for mental, physical, and emotional health. Well, that can lead to an obsession in which the ex-partner becomes a priority, which is not healthy. There is no need to add more lemon to the wound. What he should do is recover his self-respect, as long as he is not kind to himself, he will hardly heal again. It’s hard, but punishing yourself is harder. 


For Libra, loving one day yes and no another does not fit with their personality, they like that the other really commit when it comes to giving their heart. He is a dedicated partner and is committed to a long-term relationship. For this reason, it hurts so much to accept that this will no longer be. He sinks into depression and closes his doors to new opportunities. What he should do is cut off communication, it’s impossible for them to be friends, at least for now, he needs time. 


When a Scorpio feels betrayed, he becomes the most indifferent being in this world. Because he knows that he gave it his all and did not cut his intensity at any time. Unfortunately, that makes him feel like a loser too and he insists on wanting to come back, it’s the possessive side of him playing a trick on him. What he should do is focus on improving his self-esteem, regaining hobbies, writing down his pain, and stopping peeping. 


Although people like to say that Sagittarius is incapable of surrendering to love, when he falls in love he is very loyal, loves to honor commitments, and feels his heart drop out of his chest when things don’t work out. However, he shuts down and doesn’t talk about it with anyone. What he should do is focus on what his inner voice is asking for, that is, what did that relationship teach him? What is he gaining by re-entering singleness? 


Although Capricorn does not have a very good reputation in terms of love, the truth is that when they commit, they are one of the warmest couples in the zodiac. He likes to give priority to the person and think about plans for the future, therefore, when the melancholy ends, he accompanies them. What he should do is free himself emotionally, let go of grudges and repeat to himself that he is not weak from living through a breakup, there is always an opportunity. 


The fact that Aquarius is an independent sign and his soul is daring, does not mean that breakups do not lay him down for weeks. It is hard to accept that someone will no longer be part of his life because they shared many things and the heart is anguished, but it is not healthy to get stuck in that feeling. What he should do is stop making excuses and recover his essence, that is, all those hobbies that kept his spirit happy. 


The problem with Pisces is that after a relationship ends, they take a long time to settle into reality, they fantasize that they are still together and that makes their brain take longer to understand that they will not return. Of course, that makes him feel very insecure, but what he should do is renovate his spaces, entertain himself with a pet, and adopt new habits, all in favor of his health. 

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