How you can tell that she has distanced herself from you. According to your zodiac sign.


It will take every opportunity to argue with you and to endlessly discuss things that are actually senseless. In theory, everything you say gets on your nerves. It clearly lets you understand that your presence makes them unhappy. You have to be blind to be unable to interpret the signs correctly.


It no longer touches you, neither emotionally nor physically. You will literally feel that a wall has built up between you and this wall emanates from it. There is always a gap between you, be it physically or emotionally.

If you try to take her hand or stroke it, she will dodge. Physical closeness is very important for bulls and if she refuses to do so, then there is nothing to save.


The otherwise talkative twin suddenly falls silent. Otherwise, she always replied to your messages relatively quickly, now it sometimes takes hours and more and more often there is no answer at all.

The calls are becoming fewer and the meetings are not full of passion and enthusiasm. These are clear signs that she has lost interest in you.


As a rule, the cancer woman is very emotional and also speaks openly about her feelings, but as soon as she loses interest, these conversations become one-sided. Then she lets you talk a lot, but nothing really tells of herself anymore. She then keeps her emotions to herself and actually hardly says a word. This is the clear sign that she has lost interest in you.


The woman in the zodiac sign Leo loves to be paid attention to, and when she gives you hers, it is a sign of love. But when it begins to pay attention to other people, it gradually moves away from you. When her head is no longer with you in the relationship, it is a clear sign that she has lost interest in you.


The woman who was born under the Virgo zodiac sign tends to spend less time with you once she loses interest. And since she is very honest and direct, she will not hide it.

You will not hear any excuses from her why she cancels a meeting, she will tell you plain and clear that, for example, she has no desire to see you. This is the clear sign that she has lost interest in you.


The woman in the zodiac sign Libra loves to dress up and has a good taste when it comes to clothing. If she stops beautifying you and doesn’t bother to dress well by your side, then it’s a signal that it’s no longer important to you to be beautiful.

She doesn’t even bother to take a shower before you meet, but when she goes out with her friends, she looks chic and is always well looked after. This is a clear sign that she has lost interest in you.


S*x is very important for the Scorpio woman and if she loses interest in you, s*x will become much less between you. It can even go so far that you no longer sleep together. These are clear signs that she has lost interest in you.


If the Sagittarius woman stops annoying you, annoying you or even arguing with you, then you didn’t really care. You are no longer so important in her eyes that she should have to argue with you. This is a clear sign that she has lost interest in you.


The Capricorn woman is really good at ignoring you. She is so good at it that even you could doubt your existence. She doesn’t answer and doesn’t even look at you when you meet. The Capricorn woman can be cruel if she loses interest in someone.


The woman in the zodiac sign Aquarius shows her lack of interest by just looking at your cell phone or by paying attention to everyone but you. These are clear signs that she has lost interest in you.


The woman in the zodiac sign Pisces is usually very emotional and sensitive. If she is clear in her head, she will be very cool and distant from you. But if she is drunk or in an emotionally unstable state, she will report and get on your nerves. These mood swings should show you that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with you in a sober or clear-thinking state.


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