Let’s face it, revenge is never good.

But we are human, and sometimes we can not resist the urge to avenge someone who has broken our hearts, especially if it was our ex-partner.

That’s why I give you the best guidance to make a man suffer for hurting you based on his zodiac sign.



You will hurt a ram the most if you contradict his views.

Do not let everything run its course, and for once, stand up for yourself.

Before you know it, your behavior will drive him crazy, because a ram can not stand not having the say.



The best way to repay a bull is to say you are interested in someone else.

This star sign can not stand that his girlfriend even looks at another man, let alone flirts with him.



If you want to hurt a twin man, do your best to devalue his intelligence.

This guy has the uncontrollable urge to be the smartest person in the room, and if you take that away from him, you take away all his self-confidence.

Another thing that no twin can bear is not to be interesting enough.

Just make sure this guy realizes you think he’s boring and he’ll be ruined.



In order to quit with cancer, one must ask for more personal freedom.

This zodiac sign will be deeply offended if you show it to be too demanding and too attached.



You’re going to hurt the lion the most when you show him that you’re better at something than him.

He is a man who can not bear not to be the number one, and as soon as he realizes that his girlfriend is more successful than he, his ego will burst like a bubble.



If you’re looking for effective ways to hurt a virgin man for hurting you, the best thing you can do is show him that he has no control over you.

Show this guy that you are not a project that he can design as he pleases, and that he can not command you around.



The best way to hurt a Libra man is to suddenly behave like a drama queen.

He’s a guy who’s rarely going to talk to you about anything because he’s always avoiding conflict.

Now is the time to turn the tables and every time you have a chance to start a fight.



It’s pretty easy to hurt Scorpio’s feelings – just make him jealous and you’ll undoubtedly pay him back whatever he did to you.

No, you do not really have to cheat him to get what you want.

Suffice it to make him question you and wonder if another man exists in your life or mind.



Gunners can not stand rejection, and they see it as a personal defeat.

Well, the best way to hurt that guy’s feelings is to tell him clearly that you’re just not in love with him anymore.

Knowing that you no longer want him will certainly make him feel exactly how you felt when he broke your heart.



The best way to hurt a Capricorn is to make him believe you are not over your ex-boyfriend yet.

The key is to make this man feel like the second choice in your life because there is nothing that could ruin him more.



Simply leaving someone without a clean table is cruel and unjust.

However, if an Aquarius breaks your heart, it is just right to leave him without any explanation and give him a taste of his own medicine.

Get him to wonder what went wrong, and you’ll fulfill your mission.



Fish are a sensitive sign of the zodiac that can not stand the feeling of being unloved and unwanted.

Therefore, one can easily hurt the feelings of this man by suddenly showing him the cold shoulder.

Instead of putting an end to him immediately as soon as he hurts you, you should let him ask your attention for a while.


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