Being a good couple has a lot to do with how willing you are to have a happy and lasting relationship. Every relationship has its ups and downs, its moments of joy and sadness, but the most important thing is that as a good couple you can face things together. Next, you will discover that it is in what you may be failing and that you have to improve to be better in your relationship according to your zodiac sign:



Aries, you must learn to choose your own battles. Not all disagreements require a World War. He can’t get angry every time you don’t get what you want, Aries, you’re old enough to mess around with that nonsense. Sometimes, when you get ideas down, you can react in a fairly immature way.

Through your mouth you loose many pearls, with the heat of the moment you can get to say too painful things, things that sometimes become irreparable. If you really want your relationship to get better you will have to control your explosive impulses, a tantrum of yours is what can lead your partner to abandon you. Aries, try your best, you know perfectly well that you can do it and that special person cares enough for you to do it.


Taurus, you won’t like a hair what you’re going to read next, but you have to know. You are a very jealous person and on many occasions you treat your partner as a prize you have won. You must learn to respect the autonomy of your partner, possessiveness will not take you anywhere and can be quite suffocating. Trust that special person more, give her space and let her make her own decisions.

Taurus, you are like that because they have hurt you so much and you are not willing to lose again that person who makes you so happy. Get out of your comfort zone, you hate change, but the routine is what can turn off your relationship altogether. Do not get caught and give a touch of salt to your relationship, you will appreciate it.


Gemini, having a partner does not mean giving up your social life and that is something you have to start controlling. You give that special person a lot of yourself and you get to forget all those people who have always been around you. You are afraid of losing that special person and that is why you act that way. Gemini, remember to take time to spend time with your friends, both you and your partner need space but in the end everything will end up consuming.

On the other hand, you will have to learn to have eyes only for that special person. Temptation calls you, but you must remember that it was what made you commit to your partner and be loyal to body, mind and heart. If that doesn’t work at all, it’s time to take the plunge … Gemini you have to be happy first and foremost.


Cancer, you always end up doing the same and your partner can get tired. Instead of retiring when you feel hurt or attacked by your partner, try to be honest and say everything that has bothered you. Taking things and going out the door will only make things worse. Do not be afraid, arguments, misunderstanding and disagreements are common in rigging. Having them does not mean that the relationship is broken.

On the other hand, Cancer, you will have to start to stop overreacting, sip everything, to small things. You magnify insignificant situations too much. Remember that not everyone is as emotional as you. Your partner has its limits and can get tired of so much dramatization. Ay Cancer … How difficult is it to understand that you just want to be loved 24 hours a day? It’s not that complicated, right?


Leo, sometimes you can get very jealous when you feel you are not the sun of your partner. You must accept that sometimes the attention and focus of your partner is directed elsewhere, but that does not mean that he is not crazy about you. Stop being selfish and start supporting your partner in all his activities. You must accept that you will not always be the number one priority.

Leo, if you want to improve in your partner what you have to do is incorporate reciprocity, that is, show your partner that you also support him 100% and stop feeling eclipsed when it is your partner that shines. Remember that as much as it shines it will never shine brighter than you, so let it have a bit of prominence. Do not be afraid to go to the background because you never will.


Virgo, your perfectionism, high standards and tendencies to criticize sometimes make your partner feel that he is living under a microscope. You have to learn to be more tolerant of their imperfections because you have them too. What you have to start seeing is that mistakes do not equal defects. You have to give your partner a little more margin because if not in the end he will end up getting tired.

Virgo, your unrealistic expectations all you can do is disappoint and bitter your partner. Be a little more loving and keep an open mind. Let that detailed person inside you out and show your partner how much you love her. Remember that in the imperfections are those little things that make you fall in love with that person, so do not try to change it.


Libra, your diplomacy is your downfall. You have to learn to say no and stand firm. You must learn to express all your emotional needs. You have great communication skills, but you are too interested in keeping the peace and pleasing your partner. Learn to face problems and stop putting your needs and feelings in the background. Your partner doesn’t want that.

On the other hand, stop punishing yourself and your partner, that comparing your partner with your past relationships can only bring you serious problems, those things you want to dodge and in the end you just put them on your own. Start trusting your partner more and stop doubting yourself. Your partner loves you and knows that you are more than enough.


Scorpio, you will not like anything you will read, but you have to know. You need to learn to distinguish between your intuition and your paranoia. Sometimes you let your passion overcome your logic and that is not too good. Have more confidence in your partner, you can get to hurt them with your suspicions. Your love is something obsessive and leads you to have irrational fears.

Scorpio, what you have to do is deepen your feelings more, rationalize them and if necessary resort to yoga, but do not reach hasty conclusions that can only bring you headaches. You expect that special person to be completely transparent with you when you hide all your emotions under that cold and calculating facade. Maybe there comes that fear that things are hidden from you, you hide them all …


Sagittarius, you have a serious problem with love relationships. You feel the need to run or deviate when there is no longer that initial spark that you felt, but you must learn not to hurry. Do not give up that special person who has made you laugh so much. Relationships are not always fun and exciting, those moments of lust, novelty and emotion wear out, but the most important things like intimacy and love come in their place.

Sagittarius, you have to face your feelings and let your partner know what is happening to you. Talk to her about how you feel and together you can come up with ways to bring your relationship to life. Sagittarius, you are an adventurous person and it is normal that there comes a time when you want to innovate in your life, but remember that very few people really understand you and if your partner is still there by your side it is because he really loves you.


Capricorn, having a romantic relationship with you can be desperate and deep down you know it. What you have to do if you want to improve your relationship is to leave the stubbornness aside. You have to start to realize that you are not always the only one with the correct answer. Learn to see your partner’s point of view so that you can have the capacity to do things that benefit both of you.

On the other hand, you have to stop being so hard. Capri, your partner has serious problems connecting with you emotionally. You have a breastplate in your heart, you are very afraid of pain, that pain you have experienced so many times, but you have to start opening your heart if you want to be happy. Capri, show your partner that you are very wrong and that you have feelings. Show her everything you love her and leave yourself with so many hearts.


Aquarius, doubts that someone can really understand who you are, and it’s totally normal. But you must give your partner the opportunity to understand all these layers and set aside that false belief that no one can understand you. You cannot connect with your partner if you don’t let her in and allow her to explore the depths of your soul and your mind.

Aquarius, you have to learn to communicate your needs, ask for help when you need it. This will not make you less independent. Trust your partner and in this way it will increase your emotional intimacy. You have to stay hung by a person and not be able to think about anything other than her. Aquarius, stop emparanoiarte and open your heart if you really want to connect with that special person.


Pisces, you are an incredibly affectionate person, you love your partner and you want to prove it to him at all times. But you must learn not to put all your creativity in love. Focus that creativity elsewhere, use your dreaming mind to succeed. Your passion does not need to go exclusively to your partner. You have a unique artistic side, so explore it. You must learn to be a little more detached because an excessive affection can make your partner whistle.

On the other hand, stop telling your best friend everything about your relationship. You complain endlessly when something goes wrong. Don’t tell him every little thing that happens in your relationship because you can make your best friend not see your partner with good eyes. Pisces, your friendships are very important just like your partner, but you have to learn to separate some things. Ay Piscis … if you are unique, always wanting to give love …

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