Aries, you will never see your ex move on because you delete him directly from all your social networks to never hear from him again. It’s not worth wasting more time with someone who didn’t know how to value you. It’s true that sometimes your urges urge you to unlock his profile and see what he’s up to, but you know it doesn’t look good on you and you’d rather be the one to get on with your life without anyone stopping you.


Taurus, you don’t like to seem like an overly jealous person, but sometimes, in these kinds of situations, you are. When you haven’t completely gotten over your ex, you take it upon yourself to annoy your new partner on all social media to compare yourself to her and wonder what your ex sees in this person you don’t have. Taurus, focus on yourself and don’t continue to live in the past because you deserve to be happy and you won’t be.


Gemini, when you see your ex going on with their life, but without you, you have mixed feelings. On the one hand, you are dying of rage not to be the person who is by his side, but on the other hand, you are happy to see how this person who was so special has rebuilt his life with great ease, you are happy because it makes you see who didn’t value you as much as you think and opens your eyes to move on and say goodbye forever.


Cancer, you have a heart that doesn’t fit in your chest. When you see your ex leaving with another person, you don’t blame him at all, besides, you are infinitely happy for your ex because you want him to be happy, even if it’s not with you. It doesn’t matter what damage has been done to you, because for you, the past is the past. There are very few people like you left in this world, so be proud of the goodness in your heart.


Leo, you love getting attention and having someone steal the show from you is very bad for you. You get angry when you see your ex leaving with someone else because you no longer have his attention. That’s why you go for it and don’t stop for a second until you have it again. You don’t care about breaking off your current relationship as long as you’re the protagonist again. Nobody overshadows you.


Virgo, you are a fairly rational person, you don’t like wasting your time on nonsense and normally you are the one who goes on with your life without problems, but when you see your ex doing it with someone else with no no problem at all, you are rather excited, jealous. This thing about seeing messages all the time with your new love, puts you in a really bad mood and you try to return jealousy by doing the same.


Libra, you are pure goodness, you have a heart that does not fit in your chest. When you see your ex leaving with someone else, you worry a lot about this new person who has entered your ex’s life because you don’t want anyone to go through what you went through again. They hurt you a lot, but you got away with it. The only thing you hope is that your ex has matured and takes care of the person next to him.


Scorpio, you are very intense and passionate, seeing your ex moving forward in his life as if you had not lived it makes your blood boil. When you see this, you love hanging out with your friends and ranting as much as you can to stay comfortable and not have a single bad vibe in you. You want to expel everything you have inside because you don’t want to continue living in the past, you’ve had enough.


Sagittarius, you are a person who moves on impulse, you are very independent, but when you fall in love you give everything and that is why you suffer a lot from a breakup. When you see your ex going off with another person, you try to erase him from your mind by “sleeping” with as many people as possible. You throw yourself into the arms of others to quickly forget the feelings you have for your ex.


Capricorn, you are a very familiar and traditional person, you like to do things well in all areas of your life, but when you see your ex moving on, you tend to keep in touch with him secretly in the family. hope that comes back to your side Capri, focus on yourself and let go of that person who didn’t like you. You deserve better, so don’t stop fighting for your future.


Aquarius, you are a free and independent person, but when you fall in love, you give absolutely everything. When you see your ex moving on, you feel like shit because you feel like he manipulated you the way he wanted. There’s nothing you hate more in this life than playing with your feelings. That’s why when you see this kind of thing you get angry, but don’t worry because everything happens, and you’ll be happy.


Pisces, you are a very sentimental person. When you’re going through a breakup, it’s very hard for you to move on, and that’s why you’re surprised at how easily the rest of the world sometimes does. When you see your ex move on, you cry. A lot of people won’t understand you, but it’s something you need to do to bring out whatever you’re wearing inside. Pisces, if you have to cry, cry, but don’t stay too long immersed in this world.


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