How true love really feels in a relationship

I think we are all looking for true love in life. How many times have you had to admit that you were looking for love in the wrong place? How many times have you wondered if the man you have by your side is the right one?

Maybe that happened to you very often and maybe you tried to change it. But I think most of us have never made it. 

And above all, the influence of our society also plays a role. For example, the celebrity’s love life fools us into what love is. We all know that most relationships are in crisis and the happy photos on Instagram don’t say anything about the real happiness of these people. 

But we are bombarded by it. And we get the impression that they have an overwhelming love life. These relationships are often about expensive gifts and traveling around the world. They prove love to each other through material things and people start, albeit subconsciously, to believe that this is the way to show someone that they love them. 


But I realized that love is something completely different. Love is an absolutely pure feeling. It is not controlled by jealousy or envy. It doesn’t try to control or manipulate. It is a light feeling that does not exert any pressure. You don’t feel the pressure that you have to buy something for your loved one to show them your love. 

If you love, it feels like it’s the most normal thing in the world. It is part of life how breathing is part of life. Being in a relationship with someone who truly loves you will make you feel like you could show your worst version of yourself, and that person would still love you. You get the feeling that you can’t go wrong. 

A person who sets conditions and only loves you if you behave in a certain way or suppress parts of yourself does not truly love you. He will make you feel that under certain circumstances you are not worthy of his love. 


We, humans, are often looking for love in the wrong places. We thought we could find her there. But actually it is impossible to find them in these places. But if you are not looking for love, it often happens that they suddenly knock on the door. Especially in those moments when we least expect it, we can encounter true love. We feel that we don’t have to pretend or have to make a special effort to please a person. 

So you don’t have to have a perfect body to conquer someone or be attracted to someone. True love will find you absolutely perfect in your old sweatpants and without makeup. Your appearance will not convince a person of you. It is your way that he will love you. 

This person will see your smile and fall in love with it. He’ll blush when you look at him and he’ll compliment you because he just can’t let it go. He just has to say it. 


He will respect you as a person and will be ready to solve the problems in your relationship with an open conversation. This person knows that you are the only true person for him. It is not about a romantic love story or following any cliché.

He is ready to work with you on all of these problems and grow together. He is aware that there will always be storms and that arguments could separate you for a while. But he also knows that these storms will help you to find each other again and to deepen your bond. 

You will always find that you are meant for each other. And he knows that this effort will be worth it. He knows that it will be worth fighting for. He understands how you feel in this process. Because he feels just like you. He knows that you love him because he loves you as well.

He wants to help both of you to understand each other better and to deepen the relationship. That is why he does not take the obstacles as setbacks, but as lessons to help you move forward. He is ready to learn from mistakes and do better next time. And it gives you the opportunity to make mistakes.

True love results from this attitude. You are absolutely unique and valuable to this person. And you will feel the same way because it will give you the feeling. You could drive him insane and pull out all the stops, but he won’t let go. Because he has a deep trust in this love. It may, of course, be that he will distance himself from you for a while. But he will only do this to bring you back together afterward. Because he will never give up this love. 

True love is pure. It does not manipulate things but takes them as they are. It does not want to change anyone but gives enough space for development. This is the true love we are all looking for, but few will find.


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